Learning Support

Caldicott welcomes any boy who has a specific learning difficulty whether it has been identified before he arrives, or diagnosed after he joins the school.

The Learning Support Department aims to provide specialist tuition for boys with dyslexic difficulties, dyspraxia, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and language impairment.

We have a very experienced team who offer additional support for which there is an additional charge. The support lessons are rotated each week so that boys do not miss the same lesson and are able to access all areas of the curriculum. 

We believe many of our boys have other strengths. They may be artistic, they may be practical problem-solvers, creative, musical, they may be good communicators or excel in ICT.   For this reason it would be unfair to take them out of extra-curricular subjects like Art, DT, Music or Drama.

In fact we encourage our boys to see their dyslexic tendencies as a gift. Our boys invariably do well in CE and leave Caldicott with a sense of empowerment.