The curriculum at Caldicott is designed to encourage boys to be creative, collaborative, innovative and critical thinkers.  The development of these skills allows us to prepare boys for life and coincidently for the Common Entrance and Scholarship exams at 13+. With the help of inspirational teachers, we encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and encourage the love of learning.

Class sizes are small, never more than 18, which means that individual attention can always be given to the boys. Lessons are also setted which ensures that every boy is comfortable, yet still stretched academically according to their current achievement. Boys mature at different ages, so in this way we give the flexibility to move between sets without fuss, and at the appropriate time.

At Caldicott we exceed the National Curriculum and boys enjoy learning a wide variety of subjects including Latin and Greek.  Study Skills, Current Affairs, educational visits and lectures from outside speakers also mean that there is a lot of breadth within what they learn. All homework is done at school, which means you can enjoy your time at home with your son. 


Current parents can access more detailed information about the Caldicott curriculum on the Parent Portal.