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24 September 2012

We had to design and make an abstract clock for Primary Hotels. (see right)

First we drew as many designs as we could in two minutes, in rough. We then choose six initial designs. Then we chose our favourite design and drew it out six more times. Then we got three different colours which were blue, red and yellow. We coloured them in in different ways, and wrote out instructions on how to make the triangle. We did the same for the circle, and copied the pictures onto plastic. Then we cut them out with a tenon saw, and used a sanding machine to make the circle, and a drilling machine to drill a hole in the centre of the circle. We got all the shapes and sanded the rough edges. We marked on the shapes where they would be, stuck the shapes together with glue and turned the clock upside-down and put the clock mechanism on. We finished by putting on the hands.