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French Verse Festival

10 March 2014

This afternoon, the annual French verse speaking competition took place. Each boy in the junior and middle school learnt a French poem my heart and competed for a place in the final during their French lessons. In addition to the year group categories, there was also a special category for native speakers.

The finalists were:

First Form
F Edstrom
J Eyre
M Jarnefelt
M Bloomfield

Second Form
J Culley
J Catherwood Smith
R Catherwood Smith
H Baker

Third Form
T Martineau
H Heffer
A Summers
J Von Lewinski

Fourth Form
S Gorton
G Culley
R Randev
S Munro
H Lloyd Yorke

Native speakers
A Pym
S Pym
C De Hemptine
A du Roy de Blicquy

Our adjudicator, Marie Ange Dega, congratulated the boys and teachers on the high standards of all the performances before announcing the winners in each category:

First Form: J Eyre

Second Form: J Catherwood Smith

Third Form: T Martineau

Fourth Form: G Culley

Native speaker: A du Roy de Blicquy