Academic Results 2018 - 2019

Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards


H Anderson Music Scholarship
Music Scholarship
Thorpe House 
Berkhamsted School
M Doraisamy Honorary Music Exhibition
Sport Scholarship
Radley College
F Edstrom Sport Scholarship Harrow School
W Fell Honorary CE Scholarship Stowe School
M Gribov Academic Scholarship KCS, Wimbledon
A Lane-Sellers Sports Scholarship
All-rounder Scholarship
S Maynard Music Exhibition Bradfield College
B Relton Sport Scholarship St Edward's, Oxford
B Tam Academic Scholarship Harrow School
K Tuipulotu Sport Scholarship  Harrow School
H Yorke Honorary Commendation for Excellence in CE Wellington College
W Zhang Academic Exhibition Winchester College



Senior Schools

List will be released at the end of the academic year.