All boys at Caldicott start to learn Latin once they join the 4th Form and Latin is offered at Scholarship and Common Entrance level. The study of Classics is both linguistic and literary and there are a minimum of three lessons per week, reflecting the importance we attach to this subject. The non-linguistic elements of the syllabus are based on four topics: The City of Rome, Roman Life, Greek Mythology and The Army and Roman Britain.

Classics is an interesting subject itself but we also find it be to beneficial to other subjects too, for example, English, where it can be seen that the language has borrowed a vast quantity of Latin and Greek word-stems, and much is learned about the meaning, morphology and spelling of words.

The boys visit the Verulamium Museum in St Albans and we find this helps to reinforce the boys natural enthusiasm for the subject. iPad apps such as Pipiatum can be an excellent way to revise both grammar and vocabulary.

At Caldicott we also offer Ancient Greek as an extra-curricular or evening activity.