Design And Technology

The teaching of quality design and technology in our schools is a vital requirement for the country's future in the 21st Century.

James Dyson

The boys are taught design and technology from the first form where they work individually or in groups on a range of designing and making activities. As they move through the school they consider how products are used, they plan what has to be done, identify what works well and what could be improved in their own and other people’s design. They draw on knowledge and understanding from other areas of the school curriculum and use ICT in a number of ways. They also begin to work out their ideas with more precision, taking into account how products will be used, who will use them, their cost and appearance. They develop understanding by investigating products and gain an understanding of how professional designers and industry work. Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) is used as an integral part of the designing and making.


Learning for the technological world

Design & Technology prepares Caldicott boys to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. The subject allows them to become autonomous and creative problem solvers, as individuals and members of teams, who respond to design challenges by developing a range of ideas and making products and systems. The combination of practical skills and an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices allows them to evaluate design solutions and technological advances. Through design and technology they become innovators, as well as discriminating and informed users of products.


Of value to everyone

Design and technology is an important area of study for all young people, not only those that enter specialist courses at university.  An important feature of the subject is that it makes immediate and practical use of knowledge and skills from other subjects, notable science, art and mathematics. Consider the effects of technology on the development of society – and our own lives – and appreciate the balance of advantage and disadvantage in those developments.


Preparing for tomorrow's world

Design and technology is a challenge, it requires initiative, an inquiring mind, determination, the careful management of time and resources, and a sense of responsibility for making decisions and taking action. The opportunity of being able to work with others and to understand the implications of what they do helps them to become informed consumers, understanding the balance of issues involved in compromise and in the search of quality at an affordable cost.

This personal experience will help them to develop their own system of values and to understand those that operate in society.