At Caldicott, we believe the ability to use ICT effectively is an essential life skill in modern society. As new technologies are continually emerging and developing, as a school, we strive to give all boys the proficiencies and abilities needed to prepare them for the future.

Our key focuses are:

  • E-Safety
    For boys to use technology appropriately, to understand how to stay safe online and for this to be shared with parents.
  • Involvement
    To involve the boys in the development of ICT across the school and in the community.
  • Technologies and skills
    For all boys to become confident and competent users of a range of technologies as well as develop computational thinking skills.
  • Cross-curricular
    For ICT to be fully embedded into the curriculum in order to enhance and, where possible, redefine learning through the continual development of ICT skills.


Safety is our primary concern and we feel this falls into four main parts:

  • Understanding Online behaviour and what constitutes as cyber-bullying and how to behave safely with respect for others as well knowing who to seek to ask advice.
  • How to use social media and networking safely and knowing how much information is safe to share.
  • Data security and keeping your personal information safe and being aware of viruses and hacking.
  • Understanding the reliability and validity of online information.


Experience has shown us that if we show the boys something in which they are interested, they inevitably want to learn more. If they come up against a barrier, they want to overcome it. If they can find out something no-one else knows, they want to share it. That’s why we feel the boys are best at supporting each other in their learning.  Digital Leaders are boys who are selected for their interest in technology and their readiness to share this with others.

We aim to use our Digital Leaders in the following ways:

  • As a guide when using technology to support learning.
  • As exponents of new and existing applications.
  • Training and supporting all school members including parents, teachers and students.

Technologies and skills

As the boys move to different schools, it is vital that we equip them with a range of adaptable skills as well as give them the opportunity to use different technologies. Giving the boys the flexibility to share their learning in different ways is key.  We currently have a 4:1 ratio of desktop computers as well as iPads, iPad Minis, Kindles and Google Chromebooks which are used across the curriculum.

The ability to solve problems is an essential life skill and computational thinking is a big part of this. Through regular programming sessions across all year groups, the boys have the opportunity to map out ideas in a logical way and see them come to life.


At Caldicott, we do not use ICT for its own sake, rather we look to add value to the learning experience. ICT sessions are skills based and we endeavour to use these skills across the curriculum in order to give the boys the opportunity to research and share their learning in a range of interesting ways. We endeavour to modify and redefine activities to allow for creation of new tasks previously thought of as inconceivable. The Caldicott website is regularly updated showcasing examples of boys’ learning and we actively use Twitter to engage with the community.



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