The Library

Welcome to Caldicott School Library. We have created a bright, stimulating, purpose built space which officially opened in May 2014. It is an engaging and comfortable environment in which to read, study and socialise.

The library is situated at the centre of the school, opposite the Junior school classrooms.

Pupils use the library during lessons, for prep, school clubs, as well as for relaxing in their free time, (it can be a particularly lively place during break and lunch!).

The Library is open 0800 - 2000 hours every day, even during weekends so that the boarders can enjoy some quiet time in a peaceful space.

Our books have been arranged into two distinct areas with books for the Junior and Senior boys. Using low bookcases, comfy seating and bright colours a Junior area has been created which is generally enjoyed by pupils from Years 1 and 2. Senior books are arranged along opposite walls of the library and there is a fantastic selection of current fiction as well as comic books, graphic novels, quick reads and classics. There is also a good selection magazines such as ‘All Out Cricketer’, ‘Flipside’ and ‘Rugby world’.

The non-fiction areas, again divided into Junior and Senior, have a wide selection of books to help pupils with their studies as well as lots of popular books about students’ outside interests and hobbies.

At one end of the library there is a raised area with study tables and a large screen computer which can be used for presentations, meetings or film showings. In this area there is space for teachers to bring whole classes to come and work here.

We have a team of dedicated pupil library assistants who can issue and return books as well as recommend books to other pupils.

A number of events are held in the library every year including Book Fairs and of course World Book Day when the whole school becomes involved and every classroom ‘Decorates their door’. Every summer I set a reading challenge for the boys to attempt during their holidays… the last few years the boys have attempted some ‘Extreme reading’ and to make a ‘BookFace’!

Ma’am Elson, Librarian works Mondays 1200 - 2000 hours and Tuesdays 0930 - 1330 hours, please email if you have any questions [email protected]

Reading Lists