Every boy does class music as part of the curriculum throughout his time at Caldicott, except in his final term. All classes have one period of music every week. The content on this page relates to events which all arise from the curriculum music which is taught to every boy throughout the school. Information on instrumental music, concerts and other performances and areas of musical life in the school can be found under Performing Arts.

In the 1st and 2nd Forms work is centred on basic musical concepts such as rhythm and pulse, pitch, organisation and control of simple sounds, simple musical vocabulary and lots of singing. Every year the Junior School presents the Junior Carol Service and the Music, Art and Technology evening, as well as a musical every other year, and every boy in the Junior School takes part in these events.

In the 3rd and 4th Forms work develops to include more complex musical skills, particularly literacy, with a higher level of musical theory being covered. There is also the chance for some musical appreciation, in addition to a continuing a broad range of practical work. The 3rd and 4th Forms perform a musical every other year, alternating with a Music and Drama presentation, both of which include every boy in the 3rd and 4th Forms.

In the 5th and 6th Forms, a two year course covers aspects of musical history, form, structure, style and genre, ranging from the medieval to the present day. Listening skills are developed, enabling boys to discern different periods and styles. In the Sixth Form practical projects are undertaken for performance in the Leavers' Concert at the end of the year, in which every boy in the Sixth Form takes part.

Every year the Senior Carol Service is held in the stunning surroundings of Eton College Chapel. This is one of the most important and prestigious occasions in the School Year.

All other performances listed above take place in the Centenary Hall or in the Caldicott Chapel of St Francis of Assisi. Parents are welcome to attend all these events.



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