New Developments

Staff Housing 2009

The 'Old' Music Block is being demolished, ready for new staff housing:


And here is what they will look like:


During the Easter holidays, 2009, the foundations for the new staff housing were dug. Eleven concrete lorries came to fill them:
And here are the men working on it:
Halfway There

Today, 29 May, the site was visited once more. As you can see, the ground floor is complete. Quite a change from the picture above, in just a few weeks.

Good progress

Of course, there is still the upper floor, roof and inside to do ...
Upper floor done, and roof on! Windows there soon ...

Good Progress - 29 August

The pictures today show the houses with windows in, and altogether looking more 'finished'.

Looking great

Of course, there is still the inside to do, though much work is obviously complete ...

Getting there


Centenary Hall 2003/4

This is intended as a permanent record of a major project which took a little over a year to complete. For information, until completion it was known as the Performing Arts Centre.

The Demolition - Wednesday 11 June 2003


ch2The demolition at Caldicott was excellent. Everyone enjoyed it, even the teachers and as I say you can always do with a bit of destruction! The whole school cheered when the massive 'dozer smashed straight into the Extra English room. I hope Mrs Rose knew!

I loved every bit of it for some reason as the walls just collapsed onto the floor and the windows smashed. The whole process took about twenty minutes and I am sure everyone enjoyed it. The Headmaster was smiling all the way through the process.

My favourite bit was when the 'dozer swung its massive hook into the side of the building, just flattening the walls to rubble. The 'dozer ran over the rubble and placed it into piles and then went on to demolish the stage.

It was surprising how flimsy the assembly hall was because the crane just ripped through everything as easily as if it was cardboard. It smashed through the stage and ripped down the curtains and punched through the back wall like paper. Brilliant.

H Streatfeild (12.08)

The Excavation and Foundations - July 2003


The excavation began quite quickly after the bits of the old Assembly Hall had been taken away. The preparation for the reinforced concrete foundations would take several weeks. The installation of drainage was, of course, very important, as this picture shows.

Building Up - September 2003


The picture above shows the concrete frames and the walls being built. It is taken from inside the new hall, and it is possible to see the rooms and storage areas on the right-hand side.

The Roof - October/November 2003


This delivery had to be made at the front of the school, because the beams were too long to go around the corners of the site access path. They were lifted around the tree and stacked on the croquet lawn! The picture below shows all of the beams in place. Over a few weeks the beams were covered with plywood, then with foam glass insulation, and then with sheets of copper.


On the Way to Completion - March 2004


Though there was still lots to do, work was moving on apace. Here is the front of the building, with the glass fitted. Below, rolls of copper wait on the roof to be fitted by the coppersmiths.


Other Areas - April 2004


bove are the new, full-height windows in the Junior Corridor, which will give an excellent view of the new building.

Just About There - July 2004


This is the last picture of the uncompleted building. Just the finishing touches to add.

Here is a November morning picture of the completed building, framed by trees and with the Main House in the background.


Computer Rooms 2008

Two Into One Does Go!

This is a record of the building of the new computer rooms in Summer 2008, and of the conversion of the old one into boxfile storage and locker space.

Thanks - August 22

While AGP has been having a pleasant few days away, Mr Brown, Mr Walker and his workmen have been slaving away completing the rooms. They are now almost done, as shown by the two pictures below.

The brown cardboard on the floor has still to be carpeted, and the central doors installed

The 'informal' room'' with the interactive whiteboard in the background

Nearly Ready For The Computers - August 14

The room has been painted, the table surfaces cut, and the whiteboard and projector screen mounted. A company also came in to do the network cabling, so that is also ready, as are the electrics. Just waiting now for the tables to be stained and polished (in progress), and for special wide doors to divide the space between the formal and informal rooms; these doors will be closed during lessons  and open at other times. The two pictures below show the formal room, and then a view looking from the informal room to the formal one.



Beginning To Take Shape - July 18

On Friday, 18 July, the first of the tables in the 'formal' computer room was assembled. I must say, it is going to be quite spacious. The tables are thick. solid beech, and all network cables will come through the floor, so there will be no trunking around the room.

The picture below  shows the view from the 'informal' computer room, with two of the three hexagonal table-tops laid out ready.

Nearly forgot - the air conditioning was also finished earlier in the week.

July  8 - Well Under Way

The men don't half work quickly! Already, after just two days, the Computer Room has been dismantled (see bottom) and the two new rooms joined by the further dismantling of the interior wall between them. Let's just hope that they are as quick at assembling as they are at dismantling (don't worry - I'm sure they are!).


The (Internal) Demolition:

The old Computer Room is being converted into a classroom, and two upstairs classrooms coverted into two new Computer Rooms, one arranged informally with hexagonal desks, and the other as a specialist, formally-arranged ICT teaching room. The boys broke up on Friday, so the workmen have only had today to do what they have achieved below - though Mr Brown took out the network cabling, and two electricians were here first thing to take out the electrics. Oh - and AGP took his stereo to his flat for safe keeping!

Anyway, the pictures below were taken at 3pm. Good work!


Science Labs 2007/8

This page is a record of the Science Laboratory development, which opened at the beginning of the Summer Term 2008.

1st May, 2008

Finished at last, though actually the labs were in use at the beginning of term, in mid-April.

The first entry on this record was 12th July, 2007. Have a look at the bottom of the page to see the stages of its development - and some pictures of the inevitable mess! It really has been a major project. As we are in the Green Belt it is not easily possible to extend outwards, so the rather cavernous roof space was converted into classrooms and offices.

As I write this, at the beginning of May, everything is transformed, and there are two pictures of 5M engaged in various different activities in a Science lesson on 1st May, 2008.


18 January 2008

Quite a Change

There is some unavoidable disruption in the Academic Block at the moment, though lessons seem to be going remarkably smoothly. The labs are now being fitted out, as you can see in the pictures below.


11 January 2008

They really are working quickly now to fit out and finish the labs.


One of the labs


The other lab


The corridor

19 December

We were told at the staff meeting just after the end of term that the stairs to the Science Laboratories would be fitted literally days before the boys came back at the beginning of January.

Well, they have been working apace. This week the openings for the stairs have been completed - that means removing the false ceiling previously there - and supporting girders fixed.

Below are some photos of the stairwells and the new labs which have been decorated and had their floors laid.






24 November

The plasterboards have now all been put in place and all the plastering has now been completed, except a few areas where the new stairs will be put in. Below are some pictures I took before, and after, the plastering had been done in Lab 1 and 2 respectively:


3 November/h3>

The builders have been busy putting up the plasterboard on the wall structure. Here are some photos of the new Lab 1 and Lab 2 respectively:


4 October

The builders have been working hard, and the wall structure is now going up in the new Science Labs. The picture below was taken at about 6pm today.


29 August

Now You Can See It!

Thanks to Adrian Hollyer, the Bursar, for going onto the scaffolding a few days ago to photograph the grounds and the building work. The one below is particularly interesting, showing the design of the windows.


22 August

The first shot shows the labs facing south - the window at the end faces onto the fields. The picture below that shows some of the skylights.


7 August

First Picture of the Science Labs
The window frames are in, and things are moving on apace. The upstairs is dustier than ever, but at least the new labs have a floor and windows now. I am sure all will be ready by the time the boys return.


2 August

Real progress
Today holes were created in the roof ready for the new windows. The picture below shows one of the workmen preparing the new ceiling supports (I think!).


24 July

Spot the Difference
Here is another picture of the Mr Chapman's room, taken at around 6pm today. Quite a few changes!


12 July

You can't make an omelette ...
... without breaking eggs. Well, the eggs are definitely broken now. The carpets have been covered with plastic and hardboard, and the ceiling has been removed throughout the upstairs of the academic block.

A picture of Mr Chapman's room (3C/Geography) is below. The pile by the wall is the foam which was above the ceiling tiles. The coiled wires hanging from the ceiling are lighting electrical cables.