Old Boys' Touch Rugby

10 September 2012


The 2012 early season tag rugby took place on a beautiful afternoon on Sunday 9 September and was well attended by more OCs than usual and some great play was witnessed by a large number of past and present parents who saw the staff win again, I think, and a squad of our own boys put in several good performances. My thanks go to Matt Hutchings and Adam Hurst for the organisation and to Mark Smith for all the reffing, to our present generation of players as well as to all the Old Caldicotians, and often parents too, for attending.

I cannot be sure as to the accuracy of the teams' composition, but a team of fairly recent leavers included from Radley: Hard Guy, Luke Stalder, Tommy Wright, from Teddies: Bastian Tholstrup, from Wellington: Zak Redgrave, Dharun Sharma, John Chibo, from Harrow: Ed Taylor, from Eton: Henry Weir, Barnaby Nunn, Alexei Peters and Adam Roeske.

A team of boys in their last year or so at senior school or who had recently left included Teddy Sasada, Sam Hilton, Alex Weir, Freddie Chalmers, Rob McMahon, Spencer Myers, Marcus Ritchie, Alex Wright, Angus Spratling and Emeka Ilogu.

A side of slightly older boys at university or working included Pip Blake, Alex Sever, Ed Willans, Rob Allred, Obi and Chuka llogu, Michael Williams, Matthew Laird, James Fifield, Max Morgan and Adam Fedorciow. Charlie Langley was in the staff team along with Adam Hurst, Matt Hutchings, Andy Baker, Dan Lane, Tom Chapman, Gaps Mark Burman and Josh Rood, Hugo Fildes and Rob Bentall.

There will be a few details of some of the OCs appearing below and I would just like to say how much of a pleasure for me personally it was to see so many here, happy and enjoying themselves.


Mr Masterman

A few group shots taken by Mr Masterman.

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