Access Sport

27 February 2017


To raise money for Access Sport, Caldicott held a Football Tournament on Friday 24 February. Boys in the 4th to 6th Form played in a highly competitive but very enjoyable set of games. A “keepy-uppy” tournament was also held alongside the main game.

By being sponsored to play, the boys managed to raise an impressive £2000 for Access Sport, a charity which sets out to enhance the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. They do this by providing opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities in local community sports clubs all run by volunteers.

A special mention goes to Max B (4th Form) for organising a sponsored run through Burnham Beeches as well as taking part in, and winning, the 4th Form football tournament.

There was also an evening match between fathers and staff which provided some of the highlights of the event, with a few teachers seen hobbling around school the following day.  

The school also donated over 60 cricket bats to the charity and were delighted to hand them over in person to the charities fundraising co-ordinator, Ailish Myland-Stokes on the evening.


The winners

4th Form | Sam B, Oliver C, Max B, Wyatt F and Leon M.

5th and 6th Form | Arnaud d, Jonty H, Nick M, William C, Archie C, Eisah S and Toby F

“Keepy-uppy” | Matthew D, Gabriel B and Alfie D

Fathers and Staff | Mr A Maynard, Mr N.C Stoian, Mr J Summers, Mr R Whitmell and Mr J Robinson


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