The CaldiMock Election

09 June 2017

In the last few weeks since the announcement of the General Election, the nation has been deciding which party will be in power for the next five years.  Even though Caldicott boys are not able to vote in this election, they were able to use their democratic right and vote in the CaldiMock election.

Over the past few weeks, boys have been learning about how the four values thought of as being fundamentally British: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs. They also have been discussing the things that Caldicott does to mirror those values, such as operating a School Council.

To understand how democracy and the UK Parliament works the boys have watched videos, learnt why the snap election was called and discussed in detail the differences between all the main parties and what they stand for.  Discussions were not just contained to the classroom, the debate went much wider with discussions about politics in the corridors, before and after school and during lunch. The boys have been fully engaged in all aspects of the election, which is a wonderful thing to see.

Before half term, the boys were able to cast their vote and place it in the CaldiMock ballet box. The votes were counted by Lucas P, Freddie H and Tully C (4th Form) and announced in assembly on Friday morning.  The results were:

  • Conservatives – 51%
  • Liberal Democrats – 19%
  • Green Party – 10%
  • UKIP – 9%
  • Labour – 8%
  • Protest “no votes” – 3%

Pie Chart created by our vote counters.


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