Assembly | Thursday 18 January

18 January 2018


An overview of assembly this week.


  • Thomas J (2nd Form) for taking the time to create some excellent drawings from memory.  Ma’am Naidoo was very impressed.
  • Gleb K (6th Form) for the development of his own app where you can play noughts and crosses against your friends. Gleb demonstrated the app during assembly and it will hopefully be available in the App Store soon.


Highly Commended

  • Warren Z (5th Form) for getting above 90% in recent past exam questions. Ma’am Steed has been very impressed with his progress in Science in general. He has come along so well and his use of scientific language is great!
  • Sebastian S, Toby W and Marcus S (2nd Form) for excellent reading during the Christmas break.
  • John T (2nd Form) for writing an excellent report about his Christmas break and improved on his targets from last term.
  • Sebastian L (5th Form) for completing three projects for his science holiday work and putting a great deal of effort into them.
  • Ryan K and Bhumi P (2nd Form) for writing brilliant fantasy stories in English.
  • Callum T (2nd Form) for keeping a very detailed diary over the Christmas break.



Ma’am Corrigan launched the Readathon competition to all boys this week.  To take part, boys need to read as many books as they can in three weeks. They also need to collect sponsorship money for each book they read or for their overall effort.  Last year the school raised £2400 and this year we hope to double it.  The boys also watched a short video showing them where the money they raise goes to and how it helps children.


Fantasy Stories in English

From the 2nd Form, Bhumi P and Ryan K were awarded Highly Commended this week for writing a fantasy story in English.  Mr Evans read out extracts from each of their stories to the whole school.


Question of the Week

“New year, new me… Is it possible to change?”

 “You can change. It won't be straight away and you have to work every day to achieve it. But everyone has their turn to not be good at something you simply have to choose to work hard to make a difference.”

William B (3rd Form)

Next week: “Girls are better than boys. What is your view?”


New storage for break time equipment

During break times the boys like to play with cricket bats and balls, rugby balls and various other sports equipment.  The boys were informed that the sports equipment is now being kept in the storage box and they are to put the equipment back after use.


Extra Music Exam Announcement

Mr Wild announced another result from recent music exams. Well done to‚Äč Mikhail G (3rd Form) for achieving a Pass in his Grade 2 Piano.


Sports Results

Mr Lane and Mr Hutchings gave an overview of the sporting week.  The results from the football and rugby fixtures can be found here.

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