Assembly | Thursday 25 January

25 January 2018


An overview of assembly this week.



  • Guillermo M and Taran M (6th Form) for achieving 100% on their CE maths paper.
  • Gleb K (6th Form) and Maxim K (5th Form) for making a film at home using advanced techniques.
  • Hunter D (5th Form) for outstanding assessment work and consistent hard work in science.


Highly Commended

  • Eddy A, Guillermo M, Mungo M, Rory B, Taran M, Theodore R (6th Form) for excellent work in Maths achieving over 90%.
  • Woody W and Luca S (6th Form) for outstanding prep work in maths.
  • Archibald S, Archie B, Beau G, Hugo E, James F, Jamie K, Lucas S, Max C, Samuel H, Sebastian E and Vikrant K (4th Form) for superb projects in science completed over the Christmas break.
  • Dominic S, Dylan K, Harry B, Hector K, Kirill, Lucas P, Maxim K, Oliver C, Oliver J, Sam B and Sebastian L (5th Form) for excellent assessments in science.


Question of the Week

“Girls are better than boys. What is your view?”

“Boys and girls are the same. They should both be able to express the same feelings and do the same activities. However, there are stereotypes preventing these. ‘Man up’, ‘Don't cry’ alongside ‘boys are better than girls at sport.’”

Felix P (5th Form)

Next week: Who is the greatest sportsperson of all time? Why?


Science Photography Competition

Boys were introduced to the Science Photography Competition this week.  To take part, boys were asked to choose a science topic and use this to inspire them to take a photo and send it to Ma’am Steed. The winners will be announced during Science Week in March.


Big Read

Running alongside the Readathon and Book Week, all boys were asked to take part in the Big Read which starts on Friday.  Senior boys have been paired with Junior boys and they will take it in turn to read to each other every week on a Monday and Friday.  Mr Evans will then read to the whole school to end the reading session.


Ace Africa

The Charity Committee talked to the whole school about the up-coming charity football matches in aid of Ace Africa.  They explained why it was important to raise money for the charity and encouraged all boys to get involved in some way.


Piano Recital

Mr Wild said a huge thank you and well done to those boys who were involved in the New Year Piano Recital on Tuesday.  The boys involved were asked to stand and receive an applause.


Mr Timms’ address

This week Mr Timms explained to the boys about being a kind and generous community.  He explained that we all like to raise and give money to those less fortunate than ourselves but personal everyday kindness is sometimes overlooked.  Mr Timms urged the boys to think about this and introduced a new kindness movement in school.  A kindness jar has been placed in the Front Hall and every time a boy witnesses an act of kindness, they are to write the boy’s name on a card and place it in the jar.  Every week in assembly, Ma’am Naidoo and Mr Timms will pull a card from the jar and share the act with the whole school.


Sports Results

Mr Lane and Mr Williams gave an overview of the sporting week.  The results from the football and rugby fixtures can be found here.

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