Old boy Harry Lloyd Yorke is awarded the Lower School Drama Prize at Eton

26 June 2018


It is been with great pleasure that we have watched Harry's acting develop since he starred in our Senior School Production of Guys and Dolls in 2015. When he headed off to Eton, we knew that he was going to be given every opportunity to develop his talents.  We have since seen him take a lead role in his house play, Our Town, and play the tragic victim Desdemona in the school production of Othello earlier this year (also starring old boy Will Hobbs as Montano), staged in the magnificent Farrer Theatre and directed by Scott Handy it was a superb evening of theatre.

Being awarded the Lower School Drama Prize this year in recognition of his talent, passion and commitment is such a wonderful achievement and we are so very proud of him.

We asked Harry about Othello and his experience of drama both at Caldicott and at Eton. 

What do you remember about drama at Caldicott?

Drama at Caldicott wasn’t something I really started to get involved in until my last two years. However, I often remember it as one of the best things I’ve done. Doing drama at Caldicott really let me uncover my acting and discover something truly special. I still remember the fantastic production of Guys and Dolls, thanks to Mr Evans and Ma’am Duncan, which gave me the confidence in myself to achieve other things. It was always a friendly environment on stage, despite how stressful it could be at times.

What was the audition process like for a main school production at Eton?

When I auditioned for Othello, we were given a few scenes in advance to look at and read. It was quite a daunting experience having to audition with many boys from the years above, only being in my second year. The first audition for me didn’t go well. I had little experience in Shakespeare and little understanding of the words, however, after a few days I discovered I had been given another chance, a recall. There was just me and another boy up for the part of Desdemona, the wife of Othello, and we must have had around three recalls before the decision. Eventually, after a week I found out I got the part and I was ecstatic. The whole process was scary overall, and I was very unsure on whether I would get the part but nevertheless, I was given many chances to prove myself and for that I am very grateful.

How intense was the rehearsal process for Othello?

The rehearsal process for Othello consisted of around 10 weeks of regular rehearsals. It started in a small room and from there eventually in the theatre. At times, it was extremely hard, and I felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. Eventually it all came together and I really started to enjoy it. Towards the end, we might have been fitting in seven hour rehearsals each day and quite a large portion of my life was spent in the theatre, then again, the final production was worth the time and effort.

What advice would you give to boys who were considering auditioning for senior productions?

I would advise every boy who is considering auditioning for a senior play to go for it. At first it may seem intimidating from the older boys and the other great talents in the school, but you quickly make good friends no matter which year. As well, it is a great opportunity to make most of some fantastic theatres and facilities schools have.


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