Headmaster's Blog | Friday 28 September 2018

05 October 2018


Over the last few days I have been attending the IAPS Heads’ Conference and it’s been rather lovely as our venue was Celtic Manor, a former home of the Ryder Cup. For those of you who recall my terrible golf at the Friends of Caldicott golf event at Stoke Park, you’ll be relieved to know that my clubs remained in Farnham Common! I am currently the Chairman of the IAPS Education Committee and we were delighted that the conference director chose the title ‘Tomorrow’s World; Global Citizens’. There were some fabulous speakers, but none more so than Lord Hastings in his capacity as Global Head of Citizenship for KPMG. He spoke passionately about how we should embrace AI and he included reference to the World Economic Forum’s list of skills they predict will be fundamental for success in the future. The top five included complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating with others. In summary, he stated the best schools educated children who are ‘intellectually curious adventurers with emotional intelligence’. Fantastic!
Keeping with the theme of preparing boys for a future that will be different, I’d like to publically thank Julian and Emma Stone for their generous gift of new Raspberry Pi computers and supporting accessories. This technology is largely a mystery to me and I am relieved to have such expertise within the staff body, namely Mr Brown and Mr Bennett. So many of our boys adore coding and programming, so these Raspberry Pi computers will be appreciated enormously.
Exeat has now arrived and we have a number of tired boys needing to recharge their batteries. It’s a short hop to half term and the excitement that lies beyond.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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