Caldicott supports the Maasai Women Art Health Clinic and Great Lakes Outreach

12 October 2018


Charity work is incredibly important at Caldicott and we are very fortunate to have a wonderfully enthusiastic group of boys on our Charity Committee this year. They have been working with great energy and passion, alongside Ma’am Duncan, to plan events which will raise funds for our school charities, Maasai Women Art Health Clinic and Great Lakes Outreach. These are both charities which, not only allow us to have a big impact on the lives of others but also provide educational opportunities for our boys to learn about different cultures, gender equality, health care and environmental sustainability.

Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) is a Burundi based charity, established by Simon Guillebaud, a former Caldicotian who went on to Harrow and has recently been awarded an MBE for his charitable work. GLO is a Christian organisation which Simon set up as a missionary over twenty years ago. GLO has done the most amazing work in disadvantaged communities in Burundi, one of the world’s poorest nations. Charity Committee member, Archie W (5th Form) and his sister Millie, raised funds for GLO which were used to build housing for a widow and her seven children. They went over to Burundi in the summer to see first-hand the result of their fundraising and were deeply moved by the experience. Archie spoke passionately about this project to the Charity Committee and was very keen for us to support GLO this year. We hope to raise enough money to purchase a much-needed school bus, equip a vocational school with furniture and more housing.

In 2006, Massai Woman Art was set up in Tanzania to help provide the Massai women with a means of supporting themselves and develop independence, in what is a very male-dominated culture. An Italian designer worked with a group of Massai women, taking their original jewellery designs and altering them to make them more appealing to an international market. The business model was a success and provided many Massai Women with an income and greater freedoms. Charity worker Annie Francis Orio, who helped set up Maasai Women Art, and her husband Dr Gideon Orio, have since established a health clinic to help the Massai women, and men, by providing lifesaving treatment and education. Health education topics include family planning, HIV, nutrition, first aid, disease transmission, hygiene and environmental cleanliness. We are raising funds to help them continue the work of their clinic and to have a wider reach by teaching Maasai communities about health education through small drama productions.

To support these charities throughout the year we will have a variety of fundraising events. There will be a Mufti Day, Charity Football Tournament, Sponsored Dog Walk, Parents v Staff  Football Match and of course, our annual school Fête. We will also announce a very exciting event after half term, which is sure to be one of the highlights of the year. The fundraising has already kicked off with a fantastic effort from our 4th Form, who raised a phenomenal £610.95 from their bake sale.

Alongside fundraising for these two charities, we will continue our support of Home-Start Slough by taking part in the Christmas Gift project. This is a wonderful opportunity for Caldicott boys to make a difference to families from the local area.

In addition to all of these events, Ma’am Corrigan will be organising the boys in their efforts to support sick children in hospitals by taking part in the Readathon for the third year running.


Charity at Caldicott 2018

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