Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 13 October 2018

13 October 2018


The shortened week meant that the rhythm of things has been different and I hope boys will arrive at home this Saturday with energy still left ‘in the tank’, so to speak.

There have been some very exciting events this week and one that stood out for me was the launch of one of our major charities for this year. There will be more about this in a future newsletter, but in supporting Maasai Women Art Health Clinic we have the opportunity to open the eyes of the boys to the challenges of life in a very poor part of the world, to the arts and to the role of women in society. If we want our boys to be global citizens, such projects are crucial.

Elsewhere, the 6th Form were taken to Tate Modern and returned last night full of the experience they had: my thanks go to the staff that took them. You may have read the criticism of Common Entrance published in ‘The Times’ today by Patrick Dereham, Head Master of Westminster, and I think such a trip helps illustrate how he has missed the point of prep schools. At Caldicott, we do not hang everything we do on Common Entrance. We see it as a worthwhile graduation from prep school and therefore it is a framework on which we can add excellent enrichment opportunities that develop character and personality. I fear that this debate will rage on and may eclipse the debate regarding pre-testing in due course.

A busy time lies ahead for many as we progress to half term, so please take heed of Ma’am Naidoo’s academic notice later in the newsletter.

Jeremy Banks

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