Caldicott Rugby Season – Autumn 2018

12 December 2018


It has been a fantastic season for the Caldicott Rugby Club.  All boys have worked hard on their rugby and game skills and have been improving at every match.

For this year, each teacher has awarded three individual awards, for the following categories:

  • Creativity award - “It’s the skill to come up with different solutions to the same problem”
  • Resilience award - “It’s a skill to adapt to pressure”
  • Decision Maker award - “It’s the skill to select an effective action in all situations”

We feel that these skills are crucial, and have impact across numerous other areas of school life. 

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Below are the season reviews from each team.  Click the team to go directly to the review, or scroll to read them all.

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Caldicott U13A Rugby Team 2018


It has been an exceptional season for the U13 A team. The progress they have made in game understanding and skill development has been outstanding. While there have been a couple of standout performers, everyone has played their part in what has become an exceptional team and season. Aggressive and relentless in defence, teams have struggled to attack against them simply due to the pressure exerted upon them. This is exhibited by the team only conceding 180 points (36 tries) in 30 fixtures. However, this should not detract from the skill, flair and at times dogged hard work in attack. The team has scored 1160 points (232 tries), a true testament to the skill level and attacking mindset of all the boys in the team. It has been a pleasure to coach such a talented group of individuals, and see them gel together so well whilst remaining humble in their achievements of an Invicta season.




Caldicott U13B Rugby Team

The U13B team had a mixed season. Some decent rugby was played in one or two matches, notably in the victories against Moulsford and Shrewsbury House. Too often, though, the opposition were allowed to stamp their authority on the game in the first ten minutes and too much was left to be done to achieve victory. It was pleasing, however, to see several boys (Lucas P, Sebastian L, Nikolai T and Ollie C) invited to have a run out with the successful ‘A’ team in the final match of the season.




Caldicott U13C Rugby Team

It has been a rollercoaster of a season for the U13C team. It has had its ups and downs but all boys have made clear progress and should be proud with how they played against some challenging opposition. The first game of the season was a convincing win against local rivals, The Beacon with Max B and Jimmy L laying down their attacking credentials early in the season and scoring two tries each. A few close losses then followed against Bedford, the Oratory and Warwick however, many of these games the boys were playing against B and even A teams. Over this period of tough losses, some boys really stood out with their defensive efforts. Ben A took the biggest tackle of the year and Wyatt Fell and Brandon T were close contenders. Special mention must also go to Tully C who was relentless in his effort. With lessons learnt, the boys were faced with Moulsford at a time when the season could go one of two ways. 

Thankfully, the boys rose to the challenge with Alex LS and Arthur G leading the charge both scoring hat-tricks. A 30-15 win here rose spirits and had the team focused on the second half of the season. Another win and a draw against Belmont Mill Hill and St John’s Northwood B followed with whole team efforts. Hector KS was in the tries for the first time and Harry B led the defensive effort. No doubt, the best game of the season then followed, with a narrow loss against Shrewsbury House. Mr Watts struggled to contain his excitement when reminiscing about a truly remarkable defensive effort later in the staff room. Brandon T, Christian LA and Alex LS made tackle after tackle. A few tough loses followed after the physical and mental battle against Shrewsbury, however, the C team were back. 

A rollercoaster season all built up to the penultimate week of term and the last ever game of rugby for this Caldicott team. With crowds of expectant parents gathered, the C team stepped up to their potential. A clear blitz defence put the opposition under constant pressure and some great footballing skills led to an excellent try from Christian LA. Over the game tries from: Max B, Leon M, Qais AZ, Dom S, Alex LS and finally a run from half-way for Brandon T was too much for Northcote. The C team talisman, Warren Z, made an excellent tackle and Arjan N made crash ball run after crash ball. All in all the season was a mixed one but it was a delight to see the elation on faces of this squad after everything came together in that final game. Well done.




Caldicott U12A Rugby Team

The U12A team have had an excellent season, and have just got better and better as the term progressed. This is perhaps best typified by the fact that they did not lose a match from October half-term onwards. 

They struggled a little initially to adapt from the 9-a-side game to the 12-a-side game, but as they came to grips with these changes and started to adapt defensively and in attack, they made swift progress.

The most pleasing victories perhaps came against both Warwick and RGS High Wycombe, who they narrowly lost and drawn against respectively in the early part of the season, but beat in the second half of term.

They also had some great victories against previously undefeated Winchester House and Danes Hill teams, but the performance of the term came against Shrewsbury House at home on Top Field in mid-November, when they simply blew the opposition away with a comprehensive 45-0 win, playing some fabulous rugby in the process.

What has been key for this side is that every boy has played his part and has shown some real development and progress. Sykes captained the team superbly and the other forwards of George T, Archie W, Elliot N, David F, Kit H and Steven W were all outstanding in defence and really improved their ball carrying and decision making.

The backs worked hard on running and support lines, with Harry M, Edward M and Ben S all learning how to control a game and to vary the tempo. Whilst William D, Oliver R, Timothy dH, Sebastian E, James F and Lucas F further developed their natural evasion skills to offer a real attacking threat in the wider channels.

They have shown some real character over the season and they should be really proud of their team spirit. Well done boys.




Caldicott U12B Rugby Team

This has been an immensely successful season for the U12B team. This is clearly evident in the results having beaten all of the main rivals convincingly. The spirit amongst the team was highlighted with an avenged loss against Moulsford (10-15) earlier in the season to beat them convincingly 30-15. The strength of the team this year was their determination in defence. Every single player that represented the team at some point put his body on the line to prevent a try and do his bit for the team. To only concede 150 points in 24 matches says it all! There was no weak link in the team and I am extremely proud of all that the boys achieved. Seeing them improve as the season progressed was most pleasing. I look forward to following the progress of these boys as I am sure at least a couple of them will be pushing for places in the U13A team next season if they continue to work hard.




Caldicott U12C Rugby Team

It has been a successful season for the U12C team both in terms of results and performances. The boys have shown a vast improvement since the beginning of term which is a testament to their hard work and desire to learn. Defeat to Bedford in the second match of the season was a wakeup call to some of the boys and highlighted the key areas to focus on during training. The boys have been heavily encouraged to try to play an attacking, expansive brand of rugby, but to also recognise situations to play with more discipline and control. It is clear to see they have developed a better tactical understanding of the game as the season has progressed, in addition, they have built a rapport within the team and have demonstrated resilience in coming from behind to win games on several occasions. Each individual in the team clearly understands his positional responsibilities and expectations on the pitch and whilst everyone has made positive contributions, special mentions should be made to Hugh W for scoring 32 tries throughout the season. Furthermore, Angus L has been resolute in defence and in attack, Luke L, Henry G and Zach K have linked up well to exhibit creativity, flair and good decision making. Congratulations boys on a great season!




Caldicott U12D Rugby Team

The U12D team have had a mixed season, there have been some real highs such as the first match against Moulsford, which was won in a much closer game than the score of 50-20 suggests. Unfortunately, there have also been some lows, such as the return fixture for Moulsford, in which the team were beaten 25-5. Out of 18 matches they have won four, drawn one absolute thriller and lost 13; some of these with just one score between the two teams. They have certainly seemed to be fair weather sportsmen as they have looked much more dangerous on the days without rain, but soldiered on in all conditions throughout the season.

This season saw the first games of rugby for several members of the team, and they adapted well, urged on and coached by their teammates. The team have really focused on their unison this season; whether this be coming up in a line in defence or supporting the ball carrier, either at the breakdown or being ready to receive a pass. There have been massive gains in this department for Maximilian C, Alexey A, and Spencer B who have been on the shoulder of strong ball carriers like James PB all season. Vikrant K has led the charge in defence, working on his communication to get the line in the right place, Mark M, however, is hot on his heels for the best tackle of the season against RGS. Making use of the full pitch has been another of their targets this season with some very good runners on the team, but too often the ball doesn’t get to them. The season highlight was the final match against Northcote Lodge, a draw in a game which couldn’t have been more exciting, and saw Siwei F use his patented spin to devastating effect.




Caldicott U11A Rugby Team

A sterling effort from all boys who represented the U11A team this season. The progress I have seen, particularly in contact and at the breakdown, has been very impressive. It became apparent at the start of the season that Mr Fildes had worked hard to develop the sides attacking rugby, and with such excellent finishers in Giacomo R, Torin T and Alexander C, it was clear why. The backline has matured and decision making under pressure is better than ever. The team's opponents have been met by destructive tactical moves and intelligent kicking, regularly orchestrated by half-back pairing, Harry J and Dario H. Early in their rugby careers at Caldicott, Benjamin J, Alfie M, and Arthur H have emerged as natural leaders. When set against a fearsome Beacon 9, each of these boys wholeheartedly gave their all and pushed the team forward, ending an excellent game with a narrow one try defeat. The highlight of the season was Wellington festival, where the team won three and lost one. Stand out players on the day were; Dylan G, Sonny A and Nico R, all making terrific defensive decisions and attacking contributions. Our final three games were made difficult after suffering a number of injuries, yet the strength and depth of the B team meant that Louis M and Charlie C were able to step up. I was particularly impressed with how the boys managed their game and never shied away from big tackles, well done. It has been a pleasure to see the boys have so much excitement for the game and I cannot wait to see how well they perform in sevens, as well as in the years to come.




Caldicott U11B Rugby Team

The U11B team have had a great season and showed some real improvement over the course of the term. The season is really best summed up by the first match away to The Beacon. After going four tries to one down half-time, and conceding some soft tries in defence, the boys rallied at half-time to score five unanswered tries to lead 6-5 with minutes to go. Despite conceding late, a draw was a fair result and this determination has been a key feature of their rugby this year. The rest of the season has built on this, with the boys winning a string of matches before half term, and the only losses being to a strong St Pauls and Chesham Prep sides. Notable performances have been a regular occurrence. Leo F has made the Captain's shirt his own, and led from the front admirably, being the teams most improved tackler. Theo S and Stanley N have scored some sublime tries with their pace being too much for many of the opposition teams to cope with. Will G's power upfront has been special and his tackling and rucking have really come on. Zain P and Wilf M have been the engine of the team and made ground in attack and hard to beat in defence. Hugo S and Henry C have been strong runners, with Henry scoring five tries in one game as a man of the match performance. Luca H, Blake P and Ben S have done brilliantly to work their way into the B team, having started the season in the C team. They are strong tacklers and great runners and have cemented their places. Special mention should also go to Harry J, Sonny A, Louis M and Charlie C who have all played for the B team but ended the season in the A team. Well done to all the boys on a great season for the Under 11 Bs!




Caldicott U11C Rugby Team

Despite some tough fixtures against some big sides, it has been a superb season; the boys have grown as individuals and collectively as a team. The season has been one of attainment and entertainment. At times, they struggled to defend the try line, but the boys never gave up and showed a tremendous amount of determination to improve and work together for each other. Felix T was an absolute rock in defence and made tackle upon tackle. Charlie B created some punishing support lines to break over the try line. As well as this, there have been many notable performances this term. Arthur D has been the record try scorer, but this has only happened with excellent tackling from Leander S and the ball being secured by William B and Ben S. It has been a very enjoyable season and all of the boys have come on leaps and bounds.




Caldicott U11D Rugby Teama

Throughout the course of the season, the U11D team have remained a team. Highs and lows have been met with a positive attitude and the vast majority of the rugby has been played with smiles on their faces. Oliver C and Bingham D have been two individuals who have stood out for this. Whilst Bingham spends most of his season offside, his desire to get into each ruck was commendable. He was always supported by the clearout specialists Abbas A and Freddie B. There were big wins against Gayhurst, St Johns Beaumont and the demolition of Moulsford 50-5. Overall, the tries have been shared around but mention must go Jack C “the steamroller” scoring two hat tricks and Michael G with three braces. Some difficult fixtures at St Pauls and Chelsham Prep were met with courage. The result against St Pauls was disappointing but with the boys 40-0 down at half-time they did superbly well in the second half. They scored three tries and conceded a further two which showed real character. After a tough couple of fixtures, the boys finished with a hard fought victory over Northcote Lodge 20-15, well done boys!




Caldicott U11E Rugby Team

This season has been absolutely fantastic, most of the boys started the season never playing rugby before. The first few weeks were very difficult with a 50-10 defeat to The Beacon, the boys had lots to learn. From that point on though, the results really picked up and they took on board what was taught in games and put it into their matches; understanding the rules, rucking and running forward with the ball. Their determination helped them further leading onto some big wins against Moulsford (50-10) and doing the double over a strong Bedford team winning 60-25 away and 65-5 at home. The boys finished their season strongly, winning 35-10 in their last game, with Eric P scoring a hat-trick, which has become a common theme since he joined in October. They have also had Indranil G and Archie M putting in some excellent tackles and surging runs forward. Jeff C has been known for his frightening ripping skills which have helped the team turnover the ball on many occasion. Throughout this season, the boys have shown a tremendous amount of spirit and have constantly taken on board what they’ve been taught in games. 




Caldicott U10A Rugby Team

The stats show that this has been an incredible season for the U10A Team. Including festival fixtures, 26 matches, losing only one, drawing three and winning a remarkable 22 games. They have done so playing with style and determination, scoring 128 tries along the way and conceding just 43. However, the stats do not tell the real story of the season. While it is tempting to look at the results list and admire the names of the try-scorers, the boys have learnt that rugby is a true team sport and that teams score tries, not individuals. They have developed their style of play as the season has gone on, starting with a fast-paced off-load game and then moving towards building through phases and moving the ball into space. By the end of the season, they were able to pick and choose when to play each style with spectacular results. As the season went on, Andrew and James C drove the team forward in different ways. Andrew, with his powerful running and quick footwork and James with his outstanding tackling and work at the breakdown. Arman FF developed significantly over the term, adding intelligent running lines to thunderous tackling. Edward C sent many opposition players the wrong way with his wonderful dummies while always being the link man in attack. Joining these boys in the thick of the action was Oscar H, whose pace and power was honed by a significant improvement in his footwork into contact. With these boys ploughing their furrow in the middle of the park, it was Jack T and Marcus S’s role to distribute the ball into space. With Sebastian S holding his depth, the ball was able to be moved quickly into space. This meant that Rocco G, who always held his space well, and Otis FB were able to make ground every time they got the ball. It was a similar story for Daniel BP, who spent the season finishing off team-moves or performing flashes of individual skill to rack up the tries. Compared to most teams, this squad was a physically small bunch of boys, but through their determination, individual ability and (later in the season) teamwork they defeated nearly everyone they came up against. They are certainly a squad to watch as they move on up the school.




Caldicott U10B Rugby Team

Overall, I feel that the U10B team have had a productive season and, whilst they have not seen too many victories, the boys have played with attrition and worked hard to develop their own skill set. The main area where they have struggled has been consistency and the ability to give their best week in week out. Often, the boys have worked tirelessly in games sessions but their hard work has not always been able to replicate itself on match days. The first match of the season was against Donhead and, despite coming up second best, they were able to get on the score sheet and dominate a few key areas: notably the tackle and the ruck. Over the next few weeks, they were able to work on running forward and ball presentation, and had some good wins against St John’s Beaumont and Oratory Prep. In the middle of the season, they struggled with momentum and saw some rather heavy defeats from Bedford and the Dragon. Despite these losses, the boys came back from half term refreshed and ready to give their all. Some huge performances from George M, Otis FB and Marcus S enabled them to beat Moulsford which was pleasing to see. Following this, they had a new addition to the fixture list, Jersey RFC, and they managed to work hard to get a couple of much-needed wins. After this, the boys had a spring in their step but had the big task of trying to beat Shrewsbury House on home soil. Straight after the whistle, there was hit after hit with some devastating lines from Konstantin G and George F, alongside a huge defence from George M and some neat footwork from Toby W, the team managed to scrape out a much-needed draw. In the final game of the season, their sights were firmly set on Berkhamsted and things managed to slot into place. They were running onto the ball, being strong in both attack and defence, and looking for the offloads too. Gilbert B, Nikhil L, and Jimmy C were immense at running on to the ball and working hard to deliver ‘quick ball’. Alexander B has been a tremendous addition this season and the team managed to run away with the game, with the final score being 65-15. They have laid some very positive foundations this season; however, more consistent performances are required if they are to succeed next year.




Caldicott U10C Rugby Team

An enjoyable season for all involved with U10C squad and very difficult to pick just three award winners as it has been a real team effort by so many players. With only two narrow defeats, the team were not far from an unbeaten season, picking up many wins against teams who, on paper, were perhaps better than them but, the boys overcame them with teamwork and a positive ‘never-say-die’ attitude. A notable mention must go to Callum T for his leadership, all-round teamwork and try scoring.





It has been a fantastic season overall for the U10D team and it's been great to see their growth over the term. They had a very successful first half of the season remaining undefeated up until half term. The boys prospered in their victories. Lead by Peter C the boys worked hard together, both in training sessions and in games. A game that really represents the start of the season would have to be the game against Claires Court. A decisive win of 45-20 saw the boys excited to play the game. Some great running lines from Tomas J securing him four tries and some wonderful support from Peter C putting him over the line twice. Their first loss came to Moulsford after half term. The team was injury ridden and the boys showed up with six players against 10. They tried their hardest but a lack of players and communication, unfortunately, brought upon the loss. The only other loss the team faced was against Dragon. Dragon started strong and brought out an early lead to 15-0. With hard work and determination from David H, he powered over the line twice to bring the game to 15-10. It was a tough second half but unfortunately, Dragon were too good and secured the win 30-15. It has been an awesome season with these boys and I wish them all the best for the future.




Caldicott U10E Rugby Team

It has been, at times, a bruising season for the U10E team, but I’ve been so impressed with their determination on the pitch. Looking at the official statistics, the team have scored 43 tries over the course of just seven matches. Their combined opposition are only ahead by six tries, which, when you consider the number of times they were playing a team up, indicates a formidable attitude. The rucking skills at the breakdown have been a particular highlight this season. Boys have shown fantastic technique in every match and this has helped to even things up when facing all manner of opposition. Tackling has been less consistent and this is where real progress can be made. If they were to show the same fearless approach that they show in other areas of the game, no ball-carrier could hope to slip past them. They have been an enthusiastic and fun-loving group; I have enjoyed watching them compete.


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