Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 19 January 2019

19 January 2019


It is wonderful to feel that the school is now steaming along at top speed, nowhere more obviously than in the classes I have been able to observe recently. We live in extraordinary political times where division and conflict appear to be a normal part of life. In those observed lessons, the joy of smiling, happy boys who are engaged in learning went a long way to put life’s upheavals to the back of my mind. We’ve been striving to explore ever more smart ways to understand how boys learn and at the beginning of term our Heads of Department completed an audit of the successes they’ve had in their departments. The marginal gains achieved from that reflection all help promote our academic culture and I’m grateful to the work of those inspiring teachers.

I was delighted to welcome a retired IAPS headmaster to Caldicott yesterday to deliver mock interviews to boys who will soon be attending senior schools for the real thing soon. Having been the head of three schools he brought his 30 plus years of experience and knowledge to the occasion. Moreover, I am delighted to report that he really enjoyed it and has promised to come back soon. Well done, boys, for making such a positive impression!

It was also a pleasure to welcome the 5th Form Cooper parents to my home, with Sophie and the Cooper staff, on Tuesday. There are more events to follow and we look forward to each of them.

With a busy week ahead, I hope that the boys enjoy a well-earned rest this weekend. The milder weather of the first few weeks of 2019 seems to have been replaced with harsher conditions, so be assured that we’ll be checking they are all kept wrapped up. For those supporting the matches last Wednesday in atrocious conditions, you all deserve a medal.

Jeremy Banks

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