Headmaster's Blog | Friday 25 January 2019

03 February 2019

Friday 25 January 2019

So the week that began with 25 of the country’s top senior schools converging on Caldicott to meet with 3rd Form parents; then rolled into a superb response from staff, boys and parents when the snow fell and, finally, a glorious piano concert last night which set us up for the spring-like sunshine this afternoon. The boys have heard me say it before, but the art of adaptability is perhaps the greatest gift we can inspire in young people.

We have seen this skill in abundance this week and I’d like to share some moments from my week. Those senior school masters have, since Monday, been emailing me about the excellent manners and conduct of the prefects who escorted them to the Centenary Hall. I was chatting with boys who sat mocks for their Harrow and Abingdon scholarship papers as they relaxed at the end of the day. Guess how they relaxed – an intense and hard-fought game of chess! When the snow came down, some junior boys were unable to get home owing to the poor weather. One boy had to stay over in the Boarding House. He was smiling as staff made his experience a success. Finally, at the piano recital, the boys coped admirably with nerves before playing their first notes confidently. Those who attended were treated to a special occasion and I hope more of you will be able to attend our upcoming Saturday Recitals (2 February and 9 February) and our major concert for this term, the Spring Concert, on Thursday 7 March at 1900.

All these opportunities contribute to the development of boys character and personality. It’s also tiring, so I hope that you all have a restful exeat.

Jeremy Banks

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