Football for GLO

11 February 2019


To raise money for Great Lakes Outreach (GLO), Caldicott held a Football Tournament on Friday 8 February. Boys from all year groups played in highly competitive, but very enjoyable, set of matches. A “keepy-uppy” tournament was also held alongside the main games.

By raising money to play, the boys have managed to raise an impressive £2535.18 so far for GLO, the school’s charity for this year. GLO works with visionary local leaders to transform Burundi through education, sport, business, healthcare and more, bringing hope to thousands of the most vulnerable.

There was a variety of initiatives to raise money which included a ‘hang time’ challenge by Kit H (5th Form) and a fancy dress run of Spens Field by Michael M and Jamie K (5th Form).

During their Games sessions, each team in the year group played a series of matches and the team with the most points winning the tournament.

After the boys competed during the day, here was also an evening match between fathers and staff, which provided some of the highlights of the event.

The winners:

  • 1st and 2nd Form – Harry L, Ned B, Rahul M, Yash G, Angus W
  • 3rd Form – Andrew C, Toby W, George F, Kit WP, Walter G, Ryan K
  • 4th form – Sonny A, Jamie S, Freddie B, Stanley N, Jack H, Harry A, Tony H, Zain P
  • 5th and 6th Form – Horatio Y, Sam M, Max B, Ben S
  • Parents and Staff – Mr Di Maso, Mr Hollyer, Mr Baker, Mr Bloomfield, Mr Pan
  • Keepy-uppy – Matthew D, Jorge B, Eric P, Edward C

If you would like to still donate you can do via the Charity Committee JustGiving page.


Charity Football Matches for GLO

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