Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 9 February 2019

09 February 2019


It feels as if we are entrenched in miserable, damp weather at the moment, and to top it off the familiar winter germs are taking their toll. Oh dear, having now re-read my first sentence, I acknowledge that it reads more Eeyore than Tigger, so I will pull myself together and reflect on another rewarding week!

We have followed National Children’s Mental Health Week this week, and, thanks to the hard work of Ma’am Corrigan in particular, we have suitably addressed this important issue. At our Pastoral Assembly on Tuesday we watched a YouTube clip titled ‘Ask Twice’which encouraged the viewer to ask after a friend and if the answer was uncertain, ask again. In addition, on Wednesday we offered a drop-in yoga session for boys and staff. It was very well attended and there are some great photos. Yesterday, under the direction of Ma’am Duncan, our charitable effort to raise funds for Great Lakes Outreach has meant we held a 5-a-side football tournament, including one for parents and staff. A couple of Ibuprofen today may be needed to ease the aching limbs I predict I’ll have!

Elsewhere I enjoyed dropping in to watch Reasoning Club in action. The boys’ task was to bridge a 30cm gap with sweets and cocktail sticks. They did very well and I posted photos on my twitter feed (@CaldicottHead), but I’m not sure the boys gave gravity enough consideration!

Momentum continues to build here at Caldicott. Being in a position to announce the new Deputy Head Leadership structure was important to me and, to reiterate the sentiment in my letter, the teaching staff and I are very excited about the future. With prospective parents meeting me every day at the moment, Jan is busy and we are pleased that word is getting out to those who have been watching us from a distance.

The parents of her science classes and her tutees know this news, but it is with sadness that I announce that Ma’am Steed will leave us at half term. We are grateful to her for her contributions to Caldicott and we wish her well. This has given me the opportunity to appoint Mr. Leggett as Head of Science and I am convinced that his leadership will provide a solid platform from which each child will go from strength to strength in this important subject.

Have a restful weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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