Journey – A Project Week

05 March 2019


It is looking more and more likely that, as children move through their educational career and into the workplace, skills will be more valuable than specific subject knowledge. With this in mind, Caldicott has been increasing the amount of cross-curricular activities in lessons, with projects involving skills and activities from across the academic spectrum taking place.

As part of this, the school embarked on a weeklong cross-curricular project week. Boys were divided into groups with two teachers and were assigned a topic on the theme of ‘Journey’. Boys needed to use their research skills to learn more about their given topic and use their creative skills to produce an interesting display that would be exhibited at the end of the week.

The journey’s the boys went on were:

  • The Incredible Journey – A book by Sheila Burnfod
  • The Silk Road
  • Bridges
  • The Journey of Scent – How perfume is created
  • The Journey of a River
  • The Arrival – A book by Shaun Tan
  • The Planets
  • The Journey of Language
  • A Journey through Space
  • The Journey of Planet Earth
  • The Kon-tiki Expedition
  • The Journey World Tour
  • The Tour de France
  • Animal Migration
  • Tell Me a Dragon – A book by Jackie Morris

With each project, the boys used many different subjects to complete their final displays. Some of this included IT to do their research; Art to create sculptures of planets; Maths to work out the correct measurements for set design; Science to work out what ingredients go together to make the perfect smelling perfume; Geography to understand how animals and people move around the earth; English to write newspaper reports; History to understand how language was formed and Computing to create ways to communicate on a space shuttle. 

At the end of the week, the boys’ hard work was displayed in the Performing Arts Centre for the whole school to view, as well as parents. There was a buzz about the hall as everyone had a chance to visit each stand and learn a little more about each journey. The scenes were great to see and the boys were all in good spirits and delighted to see their work come together.

During the week, boys in the 3rd and 4th Form were also treated to a fascinating talk by Commander Steve Foster. He gave a brilliant presentation to the boys about how his father escaped a POW camp in World War 2 and the journey he took to find out more about it. The boys were captivated by the story and had many questions at the end.

Along with their projects, the boys also had another journey they needed to complete before the end of the week. The school Court Yard was transformed into a maze, designed by the boys. Using the Greek Myth, Theseus and the Minotaur, taking it in turns, the boys needed to make their way through the maze without the Minotaur capturing them. This was made a little trickier with blindfolds and needing to listen to instructions from their teammate using a walkie-talkie. Some made it, some did not, but lots of fun was had.

Project week was the culmination of a lot of hard work from dedicated staff who wanted to do something a little different to encourage the boys to learn and use their knowledge across the curriculum. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to step outside the box and try something new.

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Caldicott Project Week

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