Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 27 April 2019

27 April 2019


In an effort to whet the appetite, deciding what to include in the first whole school assembly is a problem as a balance must be struck between getting to a particular point and launching the exciting months to come. Having watched a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the American Football team, the Arizona Cardinals, I unashamedly pinched an idea. Each boy should see themselves as a Bugatti Divo: a car worth over £6 million. We talked about how wonderful this car clearly is, but it would be worth nothing if it wasn’t looked after – putting in the wrong fuel, for example. My point was, that we see each boy as priceless, as you do, and we can all take positive action to ensure they are performing as the best supercar they can be.

But what should be added to optimise performance? We discussed sleep, good food, water and mindfulness for the remaining time, with the youngest boys being encouraged to go home and tell you, their parents, they were all Bugatti Divos! The message seemed to have been understood and, on that, a new term had begun.

Having written to you all only a couple of days ago I will keep this missive brief. It has been an enjoyable start to the term and although the good weather has deserted us, the spirits of the boys and staff are not dampened at all. Having seen many of you at either boarders’ or day boys’ drop off, I hope that following our fixtures on Saturday I will have caught up with you all.

Striking a balance between the many opportunities this term has to offer will be key to successfully navigating this term, with each boy’s academic journey being the central feature.

Just one reminder to conclude with and that is a promotion of the fantastic GLO Gumball Rally this Sunday. With special thanks to the Grimsey family for all their hard work towards this event, and to Ma’am Duncan too.

Jeremy Banks

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