Headmaster's Blog | Friday 3 May 2019

03 May 2019


The lateness of Easter has made this first phase of the Summer Term rather short and I hope that you enjoy the upcoming Exeat weekend. The rhythm of the term is now established and one of the greatest pleasures of working in a prep school is when news comes through about a boy who has done something a bit special. Week in, week out, our newsletter shares these moments and this week is no different. Enjoy!

Daring to be different is an approach to life that will serve boys well in a society where too often there is pressure to conform. But, in daring to be different there is a risk of overload. Our founder spoke of boys ‘shining their light on the world’ and the same can be said today, yet pressures exist. Some of our boys can find themselves too busy and managing their time is important, which extends to their life out of school too. Our recent pupil survey showed that a significant percentage of boys across the whole school felt that they did not have enough ‘downtime’ at home. Naturally there are variations related to age, status as a boarder or day boy and status as a boy with exams looming or not. However, the message is clear – they feel busy. There’s no need to dig deeper, but as we’re thinking about this and other feedback, then I share it with you in good faith for the exact same reason. Cherishing childhood is something we value at Caldicott.

Last Sunday was the Caldicott Gumball Rally in aid of Great Lakes Outreach. The efforts of the Grimsey family, Ma’am Duncan, the numerous volunteers, drivers and boys was incredible, so I encourage you to read the article. It is with enormous pride that I congratulate the whole community and wider circle of friends for raising over £10,500.

We have tried a new initiative for parents these last few weeks and unfortunately, it has not worked, but I hope you appreciate the effort! Attendance at the talk by the Breck Foundation, the puberty talk and the revision skills for parents was low. We’ll explore alternative times for such events and then communicate timings to you accordingly.

On Wednesday evening I was delighted that Rev Tivey, Senior Chaplain at Harrow School, was able to talk at Evening Prayer. He shared an anecdote about his decision to buy his wife a parachute jump as a gift and the boys listened to him very well. He then used the story as a metaphor, asking the boys 'who packed their parachute in life?'. As we reflect this term on the early Church’s interpretation of Easter, Rev Tivey’s words were appreciated. I don’t often include what was said in the Wednesday Evening Prayer sermon, but he was brilliant and the boys were hanging on his every word.

I hope that you have a restful weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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