The Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 18 May 2019

18 May 2019


Later this morning I will be attending our annual charity concert at Slough Parish Church and by the time you read this we will be able to recall what a pleasure it was. Playing music is not just about passing grades (although I accept that senior schools often ask), it is about the joy of practice leading to improvement and performance. For our boarders, we have a practice schedule for them, which allocates practice time/space, and music staff are on duty to monitor their practice, whilst also offering some pointers.

Several trips have been enjoyed this last week with the 2nd Form visiting Verulamium, St. Albans, and the 4th Form visiting Warwick Castle. The Twitter and Instagram feeds were full of great moments and I invite you to join up if you haven’t done so already! Despite the pressures we face in our sector regarding the transfer from prep to senior school, we will never be another school that makes the regrettable decision to narrow the curriculum in favour of turning a school into an exam factory. Enrichment opportunities such as the ones experienced this week generate life long memories and they develop character and personality.

At the Harrow School Prep Heads’ Dinner on Monday, Mr Land spoke passionately about ‘character curriculum’ which leads me to feel even more convinced that the Caldicott way will not only pay dividends today, but it invests in each child’s future as they learn the habits of success. The icing on the cake was a repeat of the award won by Caldicott last year – we’re Harrow’s number one feeder school! Yet if this school is not for you, please note that we consider Harrow as one of very many excellent senior schools Caldicott boys move up to at 13.

Sticking with the theme of character, Friday night’s Boarding Introduction Evening, hosted by our Heads of Boarding, Ma’am Bisschop and Mr Hollyer, was a triumph and I am grateful to the large number of parents who attended. For those parents on the brink of their sons switching from ‘day’ to ‘weekly boarding’, these are exciting times and our enhanced package is popular. With the familiar opportunities for weekly boarders flourishing, for the team to add to this with clearer boundaries, greater wellbeing and mindfulness, our boarding model is going from strength to strength.

It’s another busy weekend thanks to the cricket season and with staff also preparing ATLs and exam scripts, many of my colleagues are putting in very long hours. If the moment is right, as I know you do, I’d be grateful if you grasped the opportunity to thank them.

Jeremy Banks

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