Headmaster's Blog | Friday 24 May 2019

24 May 2019


What a week! The concert at Slough Church was a triumph with over 100 boys taking part and a blend of music that stretched from the classical to the modern. It was a great start to my weekend. Since then my feet have not touched the ground and the same, plus more, can be said of the staff who ensure our boys enjoy such a wide range of opportunity.

The LAMDA Drama showcase was such fun as it gave some of the boys we’ve not seen too often on stage, have a chance to perform. With LAMDA exams and Trinity Music exams this week, the arts programme has been quite a focus of attention.

At Chapel on Wednesday Filip, our Head Boy, gave a very amusing and thoughtful address as he reflected on his Caldicott career, which is gradually coming to an end. Prefects and staff then enjoyed a barbecue afterwards at Hill Place - these moments are such a privilege.

Racing through to today, I was delighted that The Right Honourable Dominic Grieve came to speak to the boys and view the work they have been completing with regards to climate change and the importance of removing the world of plastics. It happened a bit too late to get it into this newsletter, so I’ll wait to tell you about it after half term. As the Prime Minister resigned five minutes before he arrived, I wondered whether he might turn around and leave, but not at all. It’s not what one usually hears, but I was pleased when he said - “No, I’ll do the BBC interview later, I’m at Caldicott now”. He had his priorities right!

We’ve just finished swimming sports which was lots of fun and now it is time to regroup with our families. Have a lovely week.

Jeremy Banks

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