The Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 8 June 2019

08 June 2019

Caldicott boys meeting Dominic Grieve MP


Over the course of this week, it has dawned on me as we finalise plans for the plethora of events that characterise the end of an academic year, some of you may be feeling as if your email inbox is groaning with mail from Caldicott. We apologise! No-one has said so (which is great, of course) so to have mentioned it first is a relief! These boys are so lucky and although the weather can’t make its mind up, there are smiling faces that reflect a post-exam mood.

As you see from the photo above, we were delighted that the Right Honourable Dominic Grieve MP came to visit and hear the boys speak so passionately about the disaster that is single-use plastic. All the presentations had punch, but special mention must go to Ben S (4th Form) and Charlie S (4th Form) who made Dimbleby look like a pussy cat as they respectfully, but firmly, held our visitor to account. Many thanks to the PSHEE staff who made this happen, in particular, Ma’am Corrigan. Read more here.

On Monday evening, a senior team came over from Harrow School to speak to parents in the 2nd and 3rd Form about Harrow and transition to senior school. I am very grateful to the parents who joined us and it was a triumph with, perhaps, the best moment coming when a Housemaster reported that he always put applications from Caldicott to the top of the pile! More seriously, the values and ambitions of that great school, under the stewardship of Alasdair Land, and our own are aligned encouragingly. We sent boys to over 20 schools last year so please don’t be lulled into thinking we only feed one senior school.

Over the course of this year, I have described how Caldicott needs to work harder than any other school I know when it comes to striking the right balance between fostering an academic culture and the vast array of opportunities that do so much to develop character and personality. We value breadth and richness of opportunity because that is who we are. What has been encouraging to hear at functions hosted by public schools for Prep heads this term, has been that those schools we feed are placing a greater focus on the things we value. In the space of two years, their messaging has changed and this is a good thing.

Jeremy Banks

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