Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 15 June 2019

15 June 2019


It is with great pleasure that once again I congratulate the 6th Form as they have all passed Common Entrance with excellent results. The journey from the initial long listing to today has been the subject of this blog and countless meetings before, so I’ll leave that for now and we can focus on the joy each boy felt as they made that call home to give the good news. Beyond the scholarships that we’ve reported before, I can add today that Wyatt F was awarded an Honorary Common Entrance Scholarship to Stowe and both Dominic S and Finn N were awarded Starred Passes to Eton College. With 10 boys going to Eton College this, year we are a top feeder school. Across the year group, boys will be leaving to 15 different schools and each one is perfect for them.

As ever, where do I start as I try to summarise the week? Inevitably, not everything will get a mention but we value all the activities, events and initiatives that keep the boys learning, inspired and busy. On Thursday evening our choir had the opportunity to sing at St. Mary Magdalen in Paddington for their service of re-dedication, led by Mr Wild and Mr Paget. It was a beautiful evening and a number of the boys were excited to shake hands with a Bishop. By contrast, last night was the final of the CPL (Caldicott Premier League) with the Slough Sledgehammers taking on the Windsor Warriors in a cricket 10/10 blast. With music booming out as batsman scored a ‘4’ or ‘6’, coloured kit and entertaining commentary, a brilliant evening was had by all. The Windsor Warriors, captained by Qais A, came out on top on this occasion and all our thanks go to the Grounds team who made the surface playable after heavy rain, and Mr Robinson who organised it all.

The paragraph above only mentions three staff by name, but in truth, teachers and others are working all hours to ensure a smooth and vibrant conclusion to a fabulous academic year. Each boy is beginning to reflect on the year we have had and showing gratitude is a conscious habit that will serve them well, all their lives. Boys – maybe take a moment to find that special teacher or member of the support staff?

With over 50 boys attending our New Boys Activity Morning on Saturday, I must sign off and get going. I hope to see you at the fete, the House matches or maybe at drop off for the Caldicott/Godstowe Leavers Dance that our boarding team have organised, but why do I feel nervous about dancing with the wonderful Mrs Green (the Godstowe HM)!

Jeremy Banks

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