Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 29 June 2019

29 June 2019


The last 10 days have been rather special and a little overlooked because school life has been so busy. A week last Monday Ma’am Naidoo and I hosted a celebratory dinner for the boys (and their parents) who sat for a scholarship. We had over 20 boys in attendance so together we had quite a crowd gather at Hill Place. As you have heard me say before, we are focused on each of the boy’s journey through Caldicott, praising for focused and carefully applied effort all the way. Our celebration, therefore, included all the boys who went on that particular journey and not just the successful ones. Who knows, the boy who just missed out on this occasion may go on to change the world!

It was also the wonderful Sounds of the Musicals vol 2 last week and on both occasions, I was blown away. It’s risky picking out a single performance as being best, particularly as I felt that the parts were shared around and very many of the boys really did excel. One act I will mention was the staff who sang a song from Billy Elliott, including a solo from Harry J (4th Form). It was wonderful.

This week has been a staggering week with boys spread across the country and into France too. The 3rd Form were with Oppidan in Hertfordshire, the 4th Form were on site (boarding for the first time), the 5th Form were in Cornwall and the 6th Form were in the Ardeche. My enormous thanks to the staff who left their own families behind to take care of your sons. Each boy will have been challenged, each boy will have had some truly memorable moments and (as I recall with my own children) sometimes they seem to grow up a bit in a few days.

I’m writing lots of reports at the moment, but my weekend will be broken up with the Friends of Caldicott Summer Party tomorrow night. It’s going to be great and my enormous thanks go to the amazing Friends Committee and especially the Chair, Wendy Duckworth.

Next week will be different, but equally busy. Maybe I will see you at the OCs and Parents v Staff Football Matches, maybe I will see you at the Leavers XI v The Fathers XI or maybe I will see you at Prize Giving and Speech Day? What a finish to a splendid year.

Jeremy Banks

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