Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 7 September

07 September 2019


Saturday 7 September 2019

Between lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday morning, Caldicott shifted from a predominately quiet place to a vibrant community again, as all the boys returned. It is much like the buzz of a wider family getting together for the first time in a while and we all have enjoyed a lift because of their return. For many children, this has been their first few days at a new school and I would like to congratulate each and every one of them. In playing a stunt in our first assembly with a disguised tin of beef casserole (your son will explain!) I reminded the boys how important it is not to judge a book by its cover and take the time to really get to know people. In a world with so much instant gratification, each boy needs to appreciate the effort that not only goes into being a ‘new boy’, but also the effort that goes into forming meaningful friendships.

Thank you to all the boys who took part in the extreme reading challenge over the summer. The photos entertained me throughout the holiday and judging the winner in due course will not be easy. Elsewhere, many of you kept in touch with school via the Activity Camps, Rugby Course or Drama Summer School and the feedback has been very positive. My thanks go to the many staff who made those events possible and I know how this provision will have helped break up the long holiday into manageable chunks.

The first full afternoon of term is a time when the tutors and tutees are off timetable, getting to know each other thanks to an array of amazing activities. This experience helps calm any lingering nerves and we begin to see the spark of friendship. The tutors excelled with boys involved in everything from Wide Games in The Beeches to Monopoly to Golf to chocolate cake consumption and more! Friday morning was our first Chapel of term and I took the opportunity to reflect on ‘beginnings’ using the Creation story, asking them what sort of world they want to live in. We are a Christian school, but we welcome those of all faiths and none. On Friday afternoon I was pleased to welcome all our new boarders with a fun tea party. My thanks go to the Catering and Housekeeping teams who made lovely cakes and the room look inviting.

Caldicott New Boarders Tea Party

I covered a great deal of the news and further salient points in my start of term letter and so I wish you a pleasant weekend and I hope to see you on the touchline soon.

Jeremy Banks

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