Thank You

08 October 2019


This term, all boys across the school have been working on an appreciation project during their PSHEE lessons. Their focus has been on the person(s) who have dedicated time and energy to them throughout the years. For some boys, this was mum, dad, granny, grandad or a combination of many people. For the purpose of the project, the boys simply called them 'Parents'.

For this project, their task was to look beyond the obvious gifts and see what has really been sacrificed for them. There were classes where the boys discussed the loss of sleep, arguments, nappy training, skills learned, days spent pitch/stage side and most importantly the love that is given. They acknowledged that they do say thank you now and again, but sometimes individuals need to say more and do more to really show they care. 

The boys have written letters to their parent(s), which will be distributed at the end of the project. They have made a pledge to show their appreciation more in a way that is special to them.

During assembly this week, some boys gave a short presentation to say thank you to their parents.

In addition to parents being thanked, the boys also looked at the staff who care for the boys on a daily (and nightly) basis. The ones who support and encourage them, but most importantly - those who keep them on the right track. All Caldicott boarders voted for a member of staff who they appreciate the most. There was a tremendous array of votes across the staff but ultimately it was Ma'am Quinn who achieved the most nominations. She received a gift from the boys in assembly.

This is such a great project to undertake during the PSHEE lessons and really helps the boys understand the sacrifices and love of others and the importance of saying thank you.


Caldicott boys say thank you

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