Parents and boys hear from the Breck Foundation

14 October 2019


On Monday 14 October, Caldicott was delighted to have a representative from the Breck Foundation speak to boys and parents about staying safe online.

Tia, from the foundation, talked to both boys and parents about using technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, which includes protecting online identities and privacy. She went on to talk about how to recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct and how to report concerns. She also spoke about specific risks associated with online grooming through gaming and social media and empowered the boys to make choices to keep safe online.

Both boys and parents found the talks interesting and valuable to their online use.

Caldicott takes online safety very seriously and through talks like this, hopes to help boys understand how to navigate being online with ease and how to be safe.


Boys and Parents listen to a talk from the Breck Foundation

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