Headmaster's Blog | Wednesday 16 October 2019

16 October 2019


I would like to congratulate every member of the Caldicott community for a hugely successful first half of term.

On Day 1 of the academic year, the school’s average age is as young as it will be and it may not surprise you, but we can tell! New rules, expectations, and relationships are being forged; it is a period of time that must be treated with such sensitivity. We are so focused on having a family feel with care for the individual, so all in all, we’re in a good place.

Two groups stand out – new pupils and new staff. With over 60 boys joining in September I am overwhelmed by how well they have done and I said so in Assembly this week. New staff have hit the ground running whilst also getting used to our unique ways. I am very grateful to you and your mentors for instantly adding to our staff room. There are familiar staff who have taken on new roles and their work is bedding in nicely.

Today I share that a much-admired member of the Housekeeping team retires on Friday after 109 terms! Ma’am Brace began her employment here in September 1983 and has since served under five headmasters. Her caring and cheerful manner coupled with her willingness to see the good in things has made her a firm favourite of the boys and staff over generations. She will be missed and we wish her well. On Tuesday, the whole school community came together to celebrate her career.

To sign off this blog, I must comment on the outstanding STEAM Fair (pictured above). Many boys entered, but only a handful made it through to the final on Saturday, ably judged by Harrow’s Head of Science and Ma’am Naidoo. The imagination, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were wonderful – there are surely some patents pending! These things go way beyond examined subjects and are the essence of a forward-thinking curriculum.

Have a restful break.

Jeremy Banks

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