Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 11 January 2020

11 January 2020


Last night I hosted the Prefects’ Supper for our ten school prefects, the Deputy Heads and Housemasters with Ma’am Botwright joining us as she gets to know Caldicott.

It was a lovely evening with a delicious meal, laughter and games. I also reminded the boys that their esteemed status may well be the pinnacle of school appointments for them or it may be the start of years of such things, so they should enjoy it. Whatever the future pathway, we reflected nostalgically that life will feel very different next year when they are midway through their first year at senior school. One consideration that we dwell on as teachers is whether they will be ready to move on in July and I can comfortably say that they will. Not just the prefects, but it feels that with the calendar moving into 2020, our 6th Form boys have taken a step forward thanks to the stewardship of their tutors and Head of Year, Mr Di Maso. The composure that they show as the academic heat is turned up is a credit to the welfare and wellbeing initiatives that we have in place thanks to Mr Timms, Ma’am Corrigan and our Heads of Boarding.

I also heard a lovely story of cheerfulness yesterday and to explain, let me tell you that at precisely 1451 our local weather conditions shifted from totally dry to monsoon. Games for our Junior boys had begun at 1450, but not one of the children even blinked as they charged outside to enjoy a bit of sport!

In other areas of the school we’ve hit the ground running too and if you have not yet started following us via Instagram and Twitter I encourage you so to do. As staff we have talked a great deal recently about our brand and how we represent it to those who like to know what we are up to. As a steer, take a look at the faces of those boys as they always tell a story. Maybe it’s determination, maybe it’s fascination or something different, yet it is all about learning, growing and being the best version of themselves.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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