Caldicott Pupil takes on the Book Reading and Travelling Blogging World

28 January 2020


In 2018, Caldicott launched it’s very first STEAM Fair competition where boys entered with an idea that could benefit others. The winning idea came from Bingham D (Year 7) who created an online book blog where he reviewed his collection and sold his books with money going to charity, he has since developed his idea and created another blog that focuses on travel reviews, with the added element of giving to charity as well.

Read what Bingham had to say below:

When Bing Bong Books was first launched in 2018 as a blog that only reviewed and sold used books in benefit of a great cause via my School House Charity (ShelterBox). I had an idea for the company's possible growth as an educational, charitable and e-commerce website for many other children and parents.

I knew, since I started my first blog, I wanted to create something bigger where I would be able share different topics, to be ‘a blog that sells and review everything’ therefore I am starting now with the expansion of my company by creating Bing Bong World as the main company which will introduce my new blog called Bing Bong Travels, where I review and present different places, sites and countries I have visited.

The aim of Bing Bong Travels is to help parents and families to have an idea about where they could take their children for their next fun and cultural holiday or just to learn interesting facts about different places and at the same time give them the option to contribute supporting my selected charity The Ruth Strauss Foundation.

Along with his blogging, his story was also told in The Week Junior Magazine where he has also been nominated as a Roving Reporter and been given a badge to say well done for his work on his blog and giving to charity.

Caldicott is very proud of what Bingham has created and will continue to support his endeavours into the blogging and philanthropic world. The school looks forward to seeing how much money he can raise and what his next idea is.


Bingham with his The Week Junior article

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