Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 1 February

01 February 2020


What a busy week, I have to say, so summarising it into a modest missive may be a challenge, but I will try.

Last week’s piano concert was a wonderful opportunity for us to hear a large number of our pianists perform. As a child, I bashed through the grades with varying degrees of success and whilst that also motivates some of our pianists, their desire to truly perform shone through. View the piano recital here.

In sport, our U13 footballers spent Exeat in Eindhoven and enjoyed a fantastic few days thanks to Mr Blagden and Mr Irvine. The report will follow next week but the briefest summary would be: Great time, great ambassadors, great supporters and great football (the team were unbeaten).

I have spoken to many of you about our core values and one by one I am introducing the boys to them in a series of Tuesday Assemblies. The most recent assembly was on integrity. In order to capture their imagination, I laid a trap for the boys the day before. The contents of 10 Smarties packets were emptied into a bowl with a sign directing the boys to take a smartie if they are 'perfect'. Between 1400 and 1600 this made quite an impact and I was delighted that several boys came to me to tell me that no one was perfect and so no one should take a Smartie. I thanked them for their integrity and agreed, before encouraging them to wait for my assembly. Sadly, by 1600 every smartie had been taken and I was gifted the perfect material to make my teaching point. One or two boys looked uncomfortable as I told them the meaning of integrity.

Thanks to my netballing playing daughter with a broken ankle I’m typing this on my phone as we wait for the surgeon, so I am reminded how we all rely on our families, friends, and colleagues in a crisis. This weekend our China-based Chinese boys will be told by their parents and guardians that they’ll not be going home at half term. This is so sad for them and the Caldicott ‘family’ is doing everything it can to help them whilst keeping everyone safe.

Have a good weekend

Jeremy Banks

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