Headmaster's Blog | Friday 6 March 2020

06 March 2020


I really am very lucky with respect to some of the jobs that fall to me. With more results to follow, we are approaching the record for the number of scholarships and awards achieved by the boys and the news reaches us in a variety of ways. Earlier this week, I had an email with good news for one boy and I was encouraged to tell him myself. I, therefore, interrupted his English class, broke the news and his face was a picture. A fraction of a second later his classmates erupted into applause and I hope he remembers that moment for a long, long time.

Open Morning last Saturday had the largest number of guests signed up to attend compared to any of these events we have offered in the last few years. Although the weather and maybe COVID-19 meant some stayed away, our visitors provided the perfect setting for our ‘Focus Week’ work. You will recall that the theme was ‘Around the World In 80 Days’ and with each group going from a blank sheet of paper on Monday to an exhibition/presentation on Saturday, it was quite some achievement! Our school is not about rote learning and the memorising of facts, it offers far more. Our boys achieve the things we are so proud of because we have a broad focus that develops not only exam technique, but the skills of the modern workplace too.

Wednesday evening turned out to be the most special evening of the week as we were delighted to host an exhibition of Archie’s Harrow Art Scholarship work. His parents and godparents came along for a champagne reception that was laid on by our Head of Art, Mr Williams, and I thank him for the careful attention he gave to the mounting of each piece. I warmly invite you to pop down to our gallery in the Performing Art Centre to take a look. Our Music department also hosted the Slough Philharmonic Orchestra and our choirs had the opportunity to sing songs with them. It was a magical evening and my thanks go to Mr Wild for organising it.

With respect to COVID-19 it appears that the UK is entering the ‘delay’ phase’ and our policy remains unchanged:

  1. We ask that nobody who has visited areas in either Category 1 or Category 2 visit Caldicott until they have been in the UK and are symptom-free for 14 days.
  2. We strongly recommend that your son does not travel to any Category 1 or Category 2 areas or be in the company of people who have.

Jeremy Banks

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