Headmaster's Blog | Friday 20 March 2020

20 March 2020


I would like to thank you all for your support, in a week that ends with us departing into the unknown. The staff have worked tirelessly on building Virtual Caldicott and it seems likely that the Government’s expectation is that we will not open for the start for the Summer Term, with the exception of the children of key workers. The boys have also been tremendous and their normality has given perspective for us all. In short, I couldn’t ask any more of these three important stakeholders we have here at Caldicott. I can assure you that the school is doing everything it can to support everyone as we go through this crisis together. At our final, outside, assembly, Freddie M (Year 8) entertained us aptly in demonstrating our final Core Value (Humour) and we all needed that laugh.

Outdoor Assembly

As our end of term is today our timeline is different to those schools that have needed to roll out their version of a virtual school already. This gifts us the opportunity to learn from the teething problems currently being faced by others and we have three weeks to make sure Virtual Caldicott is exceptional, with as much of the ‘real thing’ as possible, including music lessons, sport and Learning Support. We are committed to providing as full an educational provision as possible and Caldicott will remain open as a virtual school. For your planning purposes, I think that the boys will largely be able to proceed independently and they will continue to benefit from the support of their tutor. As parents, the challenge we face will be to keep an eye on the impact of less human interaction and exercise, but this will probably be something you talk about with your son.

In my last email to you on Tuesday I shared that you will get a range of communications about Virtual Caldicott but, if they were sent out today, in this fast-moving crisis our plans may be redundant by the start of term. Throughout the holiday we will be in touch via direct email and I encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

To give you all something of a preview, be ready for Virtual Caldicott to rub off on you too. Our curriculum will be enriched with a range of activities for you to join in with. This will not only keep the boys busy, but it will also keep a positive dialogue going and you may learn a thing or two as well. As I type, for instance, Mr Zengerink is filming cricket coaching sessions. For those of you with an interest in technology, we will use both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams as our preferred platforms.

Lent is a time for serious contemplation about the person we are and what’s keeping us from the person we could be. With Easter coming we are steered towards positive thoughts and the merit of Christian values, which is maybe just what we all need right now. Happy Easter.

Jeremy Banks

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