Headmaster's Blog | Friday 1 May 2020

01 May 2020


During the beginning of term assembly, I made a remark about noting the amazing things that are happening around us. I wonder how you are doing? Logic would suggest that the honeymoon period of virtual schooling is over and if that is you, then I share your frustration (maybe an ‘optimism and gratitude’ moment is needed!). You may have read my friend and fellow Head’s letter whose correspondence was published in the Telegraph on Thursday? I will share some of it here:

'This is the time for our educator’s to answer the country’s call and get children back to school, so that parents can start to turn the wheels of the economy. Surely it is for every school to identify and mitigate the risks that it can control, and open up as soon as possible. We cannot wait for regulations from the Government, as every school setting is different.'

I agree, so my top team and I are actively planning for a range of possibilities. In that first assembly I also made a remark about Captain Tom when, at the time, it seemed extraordinary that he would raise £3 million. The figure now is over £30 million – our children will never forget these strange times.

In Thursday’s assembly, I spoke about our approach to teaching in Virtual Caldicott and this is so important that I would like to mention it again. It is a blended approach that we are being told by parents works best: human interaction in live lessons is imperative, but pre-recorded and resource-based lessons also deliver good outcomes for both learners and social beings. This is what we continue towards, paying particular attention to the age of the child, the learning intentions and goals we are seeking to achieve.

This blog is an opportunity to cover off other business too:

  • As a school we share in the country’s pride with the celebrations on Friday to mark VE Day and we will take the bank holiday. Behind the scenes some of my colleagues are working on a VE Day celebration of our own and I look forward to this rolling out in due course.
  • Ma'am Corrigan has asked that I remind you to prompt your sons to complete the wellbeing questionnaire today. Would you please give them a nudge if this has not been done?
  • In addition to the staff news I shared quite recently I am able to add more. At the end of this term Mr Chapman will stand down as Head of MFL to focus on other work at Caldicott and I would like to thank him for his contribution to this department. The recruitment process has begun and I hope to name Mr Chapman’s successor by the end of term.

The rain is pouring down outside – I do miss watching saturated children playing outside my window, happily oblivious to the conditions.

Have a good weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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