Headmaster's Blog | Friday 5 June 2020

05 June 2020

In my Assembly the other day I spoke about getting back into the rhythm of Virtual Caldicott after the half term break. Some of you may have worried a little, now you’ve experienced it first hand with your sons, but take a moment and think about how you are alike! To be honest, I’ve always suffered with the end of the weekend blues and my word, the end of the holiday can be wrench. The boys are just the same and it takes a few days, but they get there.

This week there have been more live lessons than in any week so far, and with live clinics too, I have been very pleased. One colleague completed a live assessment and told the boys that they had three screens so each child could be on their screen – the boys fell for it and were silent as they motored on with the task in hand. The boys really are doing us all proud and with all my time spent on the planning for the Autumn Term and beyond, I am really excited about having the school ready for a full opening of day and boarding. I feel confident that if we do not have a second spike by the end of June, then this will be the Government’s plan. In the next week or so, details about the end of term, the summer holiday and the Autumn Term will be communicated. Being a safe but normal school is the major priority and we will turn the place upside down to deliver the goal.

One event that has not been mentioned in the raft of communications you receive is Speech Day and Prize Giving. This will still be on Wednesday 1 July and I am delighted to share that Sir Andrew Strauss (OC) has agreed to participate virtually. Plans are being drawn up as we speak, but I anticipate that it will be the best ever and most glorious film we’ve done to date, with not a dry eye in the house.

It has been lovely to have the 4th Form boys here and I would like to thank them and the staff that have made it possible. The week has gone well but I’m sad it is not more of them – although I know I may have mentioned this once or twice. The second half of term does pass quickly so we will all need our wits about us. Importantly, each boy continues to make academic progress and I am heartened by this.

Have a good weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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