Headmaster's Blog | Friday 19 June 2020

19 June 2020


I feel as if I have been continuously writing to parents for at least the last week so balancing a desire to add emphasis with an avoidance of repetition is the challenge! In short, we are delighted that most boys will now have the chance to have time at school addressing what has been missing in their education this term. There are no two ways about it, but for all the success of VC and the obvious progress boys have made, it is not the same. We look forward to righting the balance.

If you are abroad, shielding or you just live too far away at the moment you are not forgotten and I am delighted that Mr Timms will be take charge of your experience at school between Monday 22 June and the end of term.

Up until this week, my work has in June been devoted to long term planning and whilst we planned for a normal operation with adaptations, this intense week has proved what is possible. All members of our community can confidentially anticipate the unabridged Caldicott experience in September barring a second wave of the virus.

No-one underestimates the likelihood that life has been very hard for Caldicott parents so for you to have continuously provided really helpful feedback and emailed kind words of gratitude, it means a great deal to everyone: thank you. I forward those messages to my colleagues on a regular basis and they give us a boost. Your son’s teachers have, like so many professionals, relearned how to do their job and they have generated a huge amount of success. Quite why the state sector couldn’t follow our lead is beyond me.

Caldicott is a safe place for your sons to be next week and each day we will come in with a determination to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. The timetable is coming together and the Heads of Year will have more information for you during the Teams meeting tonight. Quite how we deliver the events that conclude the year is still a work in progress other than we know that Prize Giving will be pre-recorded and available for you all on Wednesday 1 July at the familiar time of 1130. In my mind you will be dressed up with a glass of fizz in hand so together, as a family, you can draw a line under VC and look forward optimistically.

Jeremy Banks

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