Headmaster's Blog | Friday 26 June 2020

26 June 2020


What a joy it has been to have the noise of the boys wafting into my study. It has been all hands on deck so I’ve also been outside with them at their bubbled playtime on a few occasions which has meant I have had the chance to really catch up. A while ago I noted that we felt that the boys would recover fastest of all of us in the Caldicott community and so it is proving. Any hesitancy evaporated by the second day and ‘normal’ really felt like normal. Little things have been an unexpected additional bonus such as the ‘meeting and greeting’ adjacent to Top Field rather than coming in via the Dining Room and Chapel area.

Our greatest challenge was to create a safe environment for boarders and the team really did deliver a comprehensive plan. This included moving two Gap Students onto a nightshift to patrol the corridors, but the joy is that the boys have been so good-natured and simply relieved to be back. In Chapel I told them that our ambition to get the 6th Form back was threefold: 1) Provide a sense of closure on their Caldicott career, 2) Provide an opportunity to reconnect with their friends and 3) Provide an opportunity to take part in the varied and exciting post-exam programme.

It seems odd to admit it but as I know you understand the circumstances I share that we’ve all been thinking on our feet with respect to the last three days of term next week. The swopping of the bubbles came about as a result of our reflection on the first few days of this week and as far as the end of term events and assemblies, like so many of you we simply needed to problem solve and problem solve and problem solve! You now all know the final plan, but I think it might be wise to clarify:

  • On Monday the 6th Form boys will join me for the recording of Final Assembly that will be shown to the rest of the school on Wednesday.
  • On Tuesday at 1130, the Leavers’ Service and Head Boys’ Chapel Address will be live-streamed for parents to join us if you wish.
  • On Tuesday at 1345, I will lead an assembly for 4th Form boys and the parents of 4th Form Leavers in Spens.
  • Over the next few days, Housemasters and Heads of Year will record an end of term message that will be shown on Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday at 0900, all boys in 1st to 5th Form will be in a live Teams meeting with their Tutor which signals the end of term. All the films can then be watched.
  • On Wednesday at 0930, the 6th Form boys will watch the Speech Day and Prize Giving Film together in their boarding bubbles.
  • On Wednesday at 1100, the parents of the 6th Form boys arrive to collect their sons and staff are welcome to be in attendance.

It is odd to have no reports to write this weekend and no speech to write as both tasks have had to be done. It is also very sad that we will not have the joy of the Friends of Caldicott Summer Party which should have been on Saturday evening.

Jeremy Banks

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