Headmaster's Blog | Friday 3 July 2020

03 July 2020


When I look back to where we were at the beginning of term – full of uncertainty about Virtual Caldicott and unhappy at our sudden change in circumstances – and how far we’ve come, with (most) children back on site and Virtual Caldicott a mere memory as we head towards a ‘real’ return, I take enormous pride in what we’ve achieved and how much we’ve learnt. As I said in my end of term letter to you ‘We have shown that we can be open whilst also being safe and we now have the chance to reflect and be even better prepared for September’. It was a gratifying endorsement of this to be nominated for ‘Independent Prep School of the Year’ and I’m keeping fingers crossed for the autumn result, bearing in mind the stiff competition.

The culmination of this strange and unusual term was our strange and unusual Speech Day, which was pre-recorded for the first time in the school’s history. I am glad that we were able to watch it with the 6th Form boys and truly sorry that the parents and greater school were unable to share in this, but thank you for all the warm feedback we received. It wasn’t the same as the real thing, of course; and I say that as a dad who has missed out on my own daughters’ graduation ceremonies – but the team who produced it did an excellent job. I hope you were able to sit down with your sons, watch it with a glass of fizz in your hand and toast to a brighter and less eventful 2020-21 school year.

Wishing you all a lovely summer.

Jeremy Banks

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