Headmaster's Blog | FSaturday 12 September

12 September 2020


Where can you find a good news story at a time when the storm clouds are rumbling all around? The answer came to me as I watched a group of boys pass my window a moment ago happily chatting, because it is in each and every one of them that I see the good news story. Having stumbled upon the phrase ‘optimism and gratitude’ last summer I have since found good reason to repeat this mantra (much to the derision of my own children!) but it works in our circumstances today.

It has been so lovely to have them here and as we are all aligning closer and closer each day to our brand of ‘minimising risk’ I feel as if a new normal is being found. Our goal of ‘taking responsibility’ is clearly going to be tested at times so we all must be comfortable knowing that both school and parents are role models for best practice. It is the social distancing they find hard, but it will improve. On Saturday after lessons, the teaching staff will meet to debrief what has gone well and what we need to tighten up on. Your feedback will always be welcome on the subject.

Tomorrow morning Mr Timms and I host the first live feed assembly, then later in the morning we host an information meeting for the 4th Form parents and then the 6th Form parents on MS Teams. The event for the parents of the 6th Form is quite straightforward, but the event for parents of the 4th Form is more complex as we include all elements of our academics, pre-testing, interviews and stage 2 testing. Both will be recorded if you are not able to join us but with the Tatler Schools Guide writing ‘Caldicott boasts 100% CE success, waving boys off to big-hitters such as Harrow, Winchester and Eton on numerous scholarships’ we are confident in our approach.

Finally, thank you for your kind words about the launch of this term. Those of you who have enjoyed our videos will be pleased to read that Mr Brown is pulling together a new film that shows how these first few days have gone. We are determined for the boys to benefit from the education they deserve, boys and staff are safe at all times and parents barely notice the difference.

News of the ‘R-number’ is a worry, so rest assured that the senior team are concluding worst-case scenario plans on Monday and we will communicate this to you next week.

Have a good weekend

Jeremy Banks

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