Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 19 September 2020

19 September 2020


It’s like we’ve never been away! Not only is my body clock finding the 0558 alarm call more manageable, in the course of this week we have enjoyed a full spread of normal events. Firstly, though, please scroll down this newsletter to the film we have pulled together. It is the story of the first week of term and gives you an insight into how we are ensuring that your boys get the education they deserve, whilst keeping safe. I can be a bit soft when I watch a movie and I tell you, seeing their smiling faces brought a tear to the eye. The hard work of our staff and the sheer willingness of the boys to make the best of it, is remarkable. Thank you everyone.

On Tuesday night I hosted the 6th Form Cooper House Supper. This is a smart affair in our special dining room and you can see a photograph of the boys above this blog in the newsletter. Not only is sharing a meal together a great opportunity to chat with the boys in a relaxed setting, we treat it as a formal event with speeches and a toast to Her Majesty. What I say to the boys is between us, but with their elevated position as the oldest boys in the school, you can imagine. On Wednesday evening the 5th Form took part in their first Evening Prayer in Chapel. Sadly no parents or hymns at the moment, but that connection with our spiritual backbone means a lot to us. Most recently I joined the Maths Department for their House Maths Competition. This is a fiercely contested event which makes ‘Countdown’ look rather pathetic by comparison! As I left, Cooper were looking strong...

Continuously reviewing our plans through the lens of minimising risk is exhausting for all involved. I have been enormously grateful to the new Friends of Caldicott Committee (and in particular the new Chair, Jules Faulks) for their ‘can do’ attitude and across my desk right now are our adaptations to events as wide ranging as the Carol Service, Open Morning, Bonfire Night and Assessment Morning. It means our diary is quite ‘fluid’ and so please do refer to the online version where changes can be made easily. I am also pulling together the term dates for the rest of 2021 and into 2022 which will be published shortly.

After the 3rd Form Teams meeting at 0900 today and the 5th Form Teams meeting at 1230, we have internal matches for the 5th and 6th Form. I’m looking forward to it all.

Now go and press ‘play’ on the week one film!

Have a good weekend

Jeremy Banks

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