A River Study in Geography

30 September 2020


In late September, as part of their Geography course, the 6th Form visited the River Wye in High Wycombe to investigate how rivers change from Source to Confluence. Despite It being a bitterly cold September morning, the boys were in good spirits and displayed great examples of teamwork, resilience and fortitude throughout the day.

Their day started in the Centenary Hall where they were briefed on the day a head and established their hypothesis and discussed the variables which they would use to test. Thereafter, the boys spent the day employing new practical skills whilst investigating the characteristics of the river at two chosen sites: one close to the source and the other 17km downstream near to the river’s confluence. The boys had great fun collecting their data and honing essential research skills.

Back in the classroom, they will now spend the forthcoming weeks collating and interpreting what they found out. Once these projects are completed, they will be submitted to their future schools for scrutiny and their results will count for 20% of their final Geography Common Entrance result. 


Caldicott boys studying rivers at the Amersham Field Centre

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